Size Matters: How Big is Brooklyn?

We recently shared with you tips on finding a job in the Brooklyn, NY area. Today we want to add a bit more information if you’re thinking about relocating there. 

Lior Rachmany, CEO and Founder of Dumbo Moving and Storage has lived in the New York area since 1998 and opened his business a few years after moving there.

How Big is Brooklyn?

According to, the 2010 US Census said Brooklyn’s population was 2,504,700 people, which is 30.6% of the population of New York City.

And if we go by population, Brooklyn, New York would be one of the largest cities in the United States (were it an independent municipality), the 4th to be more precise. But it has been a borough of New York City for over a century — and things probably won’t change, in these terms.

Rachmany says that “Brooklyn is huge,” and tells us a bit more about how this impacts the quality of life.

“It improves [the quality of life] it. There is always something to do or something going on. There are also always plenty of new restaurants and businesses popping up… The Brooklyn Promenade is definitely one of the biggest highlights of the area,” says Rachmany.

Rachmany also adds that some of his favorite things about Brooklyn include the music, the artistic scene and, of course, the food.

“The music scene has really evolved. All the artists used to live in the village now they all live here,” says Rachmany.

But if you’re looking to start your Brooklyn life in a rental, Rachmany warns us that some neighborhoods are constantly in flux and rent costs are high.

Tips for a Less-Stressful Move

“Start off slow, do a lot of your own packing (a little bit every day). Find a company that is insured, charges for the job not by the hour and is involved with the AMSA,” says Rachmany.

And remember, when moving to Brooklyn, New York, or any new area it’s important to take the time to research and plan in advance. You can save money, time and unnecessary headaches if things come up prior to the move, rather than during.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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