How Big Is New York?

For a city whose moniker is The Big Apple, you’d expect everything about it to be larger than average—including the fruit. Well, you’re right (except the part about the produce). New York City (which is made up of 5 boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island) has a big history, a big attitude, and a big heart. But never mind those things; in terms of things that can be measured, here’s how big New York is:


It doesn’t take a Census Bureau Statistician to figure this one out—people-wise, NYC is one big city! At 8.18 million, NYC outpopulates all other cities in the country, leaving the second largest city (Los Angeles, population 3.8 million) in the dust.


The land area of NYC is 304.6 square miles, which makes it the most densely populated American city (a population density of 27,578, to be specific). To put that into perspective, L.A.’s population density is 8,282, Chicago’s is 11,966, London’s is 13,525 and Tokyo’s is 15,604.


The tallest building in NYC is One World Trade Center, rising up to 1,776 feet (which, for anyone educated in this country post-1999, is the year the Declaration of Independence was signed).


Counting only Broadway theaters (or the British spelling, theatre, as this country continues to use), there are 40 professional theaters in New York (counting only those with a minimum of 500 seats). Even the profits are big: Broadway shows raked in $1.36 billion in ticket sales in 2014.

Apple Store

Speaking of apples, although New York doesn’t have the biggest Apple store in the world (that one is in United Arab Emirates), Manhattan does boast the highest density of Apple stores. Plus, the one on 5th Avenue is one of the most expensive stores, open 24/7, and is architecturally award-winning (I mean, an empty glass cube? Doesn’t get more innovative than that!).

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