Tips for Finding a Job in Brooklyn, New York

If you’re moving to Brooklyn, New York, finding a job may be something of concern. To help you get some ideas on how find a job in the city, we chatted with Seth Kaufman, Associate at Herald Strategies LLC, who’s hometown is Brooklyn. 

Living in Brooklyn

Kaufman has lived in Brooklyn for more than 20 years and says that depending on the neighborhood, Brooklyn is a place that can seem large but also have a smaller feel.

“It all depends on the neighborhood. Parts of Bay Ridge seem pretty open with huge houses connected to each other, while Brooklyn Heights (my hometown) compacts residential areas (apartments, brownstones, etc.) next to each other, but the streets are fairly wide and the commerce areas are on their own busy wide-streets (Court St, near Borough Hall, etc.),” says Kaufman.

“As opposed to Manhattan which is a very dense urban center, Brooklyn is usually a lot more open, and has large varieties of places to go to shop, eat, or lounge about. However, once you get to the densely-populated areas, shopping areas become fewer and farther between. You might also never meet most of your neighbors, regardless of how long you live there.

Besides the fact that people are constantly moving-in and out, there’s just so many people in such a small area, if they are not part of your direct community, and you don’t speak a common language, chances are you will rarely – if ever – interact with each other,” explains Kaufman.

Tips for Fining a Job

Kaufman advises to use online resources to help you on your job search. In a place that is largely populated like Brooklyn, opportunities may be available and “go quickly,” so applying through job websites, company websites or even in person, could be the key.

“Finding and making connections is also a way to branch out and get work– which again can be done effectively online as well as offline, but can do more for you than just sending in an application and hoping for the best,” says Kaufman.

“People in NYC love to hire those they’ve already met and connected with,” says Kaufman.

Also, look in Manhattan/Queens for work. Although it will take some time to adjust to the commute if you don’t come from a city and are used to driving everywhere, the Subway and bus systems run 24 hours, so you can spend all day looking for work any place in the city without worrying about getting home, getting lost, or any other problem you might encounter outside of the city,” says Kaufman

How to Survive When Looking for a Job in Brooklyn

  • Don’t get discouraged if places are “fully-staffed.” An opportunity may still come up.
  • Don’t just walk in and apply.

“Generally walking into places to apply isn’t the most successful method, as usually the person there to talk to will be dealing with the hustle-and-bustle of people, and not really be a manager or someone who can help you with the job opportunity. This is why some of my tips matter a lot, because getting a job by traditional walk-in and ask methods aren’t the most effective in Brooklyn,” explains Kaufman.

  • Eating out is expensive in Brooklyn so save some cash by making your own food when possible.
  • Take a breather to unwind and relax while you’re searching.

“There are also a lot of places in the city you can experience with just Subway fare ($2.75 per swipe as of writing), such as Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and many local clubs/music venues (though they might expect you to buy something, it’s not always required),” says Kaufman.

Kaufman adds that if you’re moving to Brooklyn, or plan on staying in NYC for longer than a month and plan on using the train often, you should get a monthly card to save on transportation costs. The initial cost is $116 but there are advantages and unlimited uses that will benefit you in the end.

“This city loves having people who want to travel and explore it,” says Kaufman.

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June Brockmeyer

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