Help for Truck Drivers in Las Vegas

When it comes to starting your own business or finding a new job, things can get a little tricky–and somewhat overwhelming, to say the least.

Marcella Williams is the Owner of CDL Focus and has lived in Las Vegas for 16 years. Her business focuses on getting experienced truck drivers on the road, which is a key service for Nevada and the surrounding areas.

Why Vegas?

Williams says she started her business due to an opportunity in the market. She says that many drivers out there either return to school for a license or certification or sign up to work with a company.

“I felt it did not make sense for drivers to pursue these options when they had previously completed them,” says Williams.

So she provided an option for drivers who simply want renew their license saving them time and money in the process.

“We deliver a new service in Nevada which gets experienced truck drivers back on the road. We are the only company in the State offering this service… [offering] a second chance to drivers wishing to return to the road,” says Williams.

She adds that her company also has rental vehicles for their driver’s test allowing drivers with lapsed or expired licenses to “eliminate the cost of school or being sucked into a reduced wage contract.”

The Trucker Life

“Being a trucker can be a difficult job and is critical to each of our daily lives. Often truckers [are] under appreciated. If you think about it, truckers connect us to our food, fuel and other necessities. All truckers must maintain a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL [and] in the state of Nevada there are 120,000 CDL holders– each year approximately 10% lapse,” explains Williams.

Williams explains why these drivers may have a lapse:

  • A failed medical test will take drivers off the road for at least six months
  • Transfer from a different state or country
  • Seeking opportunities after military service (many learn to drive vehicles)
  • Driving violations in commercial motor or personal vehicle
  • Personal or family matters may arise while on the road
  • Individuals recently released from incarceration may possess the skills to drive but their return to the community may limit their job opportunities

“They can utilize this previously learned skill and have a greater chance to obtain a better paying job with a license,” says Williams.

  • Drivers may be want to take a break from the profession to pursue other opportunities.

More on CDL Focus

“Upon confirmed booking we offer a pre-trip review and delivery of a vehicle to the testing location. There is also a concierge service offered where CDL Focus will pick-up and drop-off clients for their test. We offer Class A, Class B and Passenger Endorsement Vehicles,” explains Williams.

Williams says that many drivers are unaware of services like these and through informing the public, she hopes to truly reach her target customer.

Williams on Becoming an Entrepreneur

“I wanted to learn how to transition from being in a corporate job so I decided to start a company doing something I have always wanted to do. I wanted to become a competent driver and saw a need for this service. I became an entrepreneur by studying and seeking opportunities in the local market,” says Williams.

And as far as the Las Vegas market goes, Williams says there are plenty of opportunities for you, as an entrepreneur moving to Las Vegas.

“There are tremendous opportunities for business owners in Las Vegas…know the area you are getting into and your Community/Target Customer: This means getting involved in the community you wish to serve,” says Williams.

She also recommends getting connected with the Emerging Small Business program with the Governors Office. It is a great program used to promote local small business and costs nothing.

So take the time to visit Las Vegas and the areas that interest you so you can better know your market and make a successful transition into the entrepreneurial world.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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