Moving Tips for St. Petersburg, Florida

Another Florida gem is the area of St. Petersburg. If you’re looking to relocate there, we have some tips that could help you get to know St. Petersburg before you go there. Bryan Clayton is the CEO of GreenPal, and has lived in St. Petersburg for a few years.

“We set up our office in the St. Petersburg area two years ago right after we launched our Tampa Bay market,” says Clayton.

Clayton says that he decided to relocate there so he could operate the Tampa bay region of service for his lawn care company.

“The Tampa bay region certainly is big as a whole; however, St. Petersburg– which is a sister city to Tampa, has a nice smaller town feel to it. It’s almost like you get the best of both worlds all of the amenities but the big city has with the community feel of a small beach town in St. Petersburg,” explains Clayton.

Living in St. Petersburg

Clayton tells us that the quality-of-life in St. Petersburg is really nice. It has a small town feel and, Clayton says, it seems like nobody’s in a hurry to do much because of the beach being close by.

“You can’t beat the St. Petersburg Beaches as they are overall clean and not that expensive. Also, the local food is amazing and there’s all kinds of cool stuff to do like the Skyway Bridge,” says Clayton.


Clayton says that St. Petersburg is one of the few places in the country where you can have easy access to the beach while being less than an hour away from a bigger city like Tampa.

“That really is my favorite thing about it versus other places I’ve lived; you really don’t have to have all of your eggs in one basket –so to speak. You can experience the nightlife in the city one weekend and relax by the beach the next weekend without all of the cost involved with a bigger city like in Miami,” explains Clayton.

But, as any growing city– with a lot to do, Clayton says traffic can prove challenging at times.

“There has been a major push by the city to improve the downtown area as more and more new restaurants and shopping have been popping up all over downtown. It’s really kind of its own unique area and has a nice old world charm to it,” says Clayton.

And Clayton shares some last minute moving tips for you, if you’re thinking about making St. Petersburg your home.

“Don’t make the same mistake I did and plan your move in early morning or late afternoon to beat the midday heat–it almost killed me,” says Clayton.

So, there you have it. St. Petersburg is a town with things to do, warmer weather (and beaches) and a lifestyle that could be perfect for you and your family. Check out the city website to learn more.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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