Highlighting Everett, WA

You may have heard of the Everett, WA area and if you have, you may also know that’s it’s considered a fairly large city.

If you’re looking to get to know the area, or planning a move there, we can help! We spoke to Nathan Barber, Marketing Associate at CFR Rinkens, who grew up in the area. He says he visits Everett from time to time and shares more about his home town.

Moving to Everett, WA

Barber says he moved away from Everett at the age of 19, and is now a Los Angeles resident but he definitely would consider moving back.

“I can see myself moving back to the area… The optimistic vibe I get from the city is something to witness. Even during the hard times, I enjoyed the local citizens’ tenacity to keep on fighting to survive. I think this mentality has been a large contributing factor in the cities rejuvenation in the last few years. I love the Pacific Northwest vibe, and miss it dearly living in Los Angeles right now. I feel the people there are much more raw, and real. The community has gone through hard times, and you can see it in the character of the people,” explains Barber.

And for the State of Washington, Everett is considered relatively large–compared to cities sitting with just over 100,000 people, according to Barber.

“Everett is unique in the sense that there is growing feeling of city life, but with its small town roots. You will regularly see small town houses right next to brand new modern apartments. The city is in a flux of morphing into a larger city, still holding on to its small town feel,” says Barber.

“I believe that the population sitting around 100k is perfect. It is not too big where you are overwhelmed by a huge city, with minimal traffic issues. You also have just enough to do to keep yourself entertained. If you are looking for the large city life, you can take the Sounder train straight from Everett about 30 minutes to the heart of Downtown Seattle for a night out in the city. The city is old enough to have its old buildings, and history, but is also teaming with new infrastructure with modern buildings being built.

Highlighting Everett


Barber says that Everett is central to everything.

“Seattle is only 30 minutes south, and Bellingham is only an hour north. You can get just about anywhere Western Washington with relative ease living in Everett…You can easily go east towards Snohomish, and eventually Monroe and explore that great wilderness that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. In Everett you can easily go North, South, East, and close to the Sound headed west,” explains Barber.

City Perks

Barber says he loves the fact that he can have the dual feeling of being in a city, but with a short drive feel like he’s in the country.

Outdoor Activities and Sports

“It is relatively close to the ski and snowboard lodge Steven’s Pass about an hour east. Everett is great because it feels central to everything that can do in the Pacific Northwest,” says Barber.

“If you like hockey check out the state of the art Xfinity Arena, and check out the semi-professional hockey team, Everett silvertips. The games are exciting with a full crowd mostly every game… The arena also has many other fun things to do when games are not going on such as regular ice skating, concerts, motocross, shows, and many other fun events throughout the year,” says Barber.

Gaming and Shopping

“Ten minutes north there is a 4-star hotel and casino called the Tulalip which offers a high class full resort offering. The hotel is one of nicest in the state, conjoined with arguably the highest rated casino in the state of Washington. The ambiance of the facility is palpable with pacific northwest art displayed all around the resort… This atmosphere combined with premium local northwest food, and music shows make it an enjoyable weekend,” explains Barber.

Barber also tells us that there’s plenty of shopping to be done in the area, including the Seattle Premium Outlets.

Barber also tells us that the area has been experiencing a rejuvenation and with that have come improvements to roads and transportation, which is key when you are looking to get around a large city.

“You can get around just about everywhere in the city on a bus, and enter Seattle via train,” says Barber.

So make sure you research the Everett area in depth, if you’re looking to make a visit or relocate. You may find your next destination with much to offer.

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June Brockmeyer

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