Moving to Vegas: Resident Advice

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Las Vegas, Nevada: a popular destination for people from all over the world. Also known as “Sin City,” it’s a place that truly never sleeps.

Shaolaine Loving, Principal at Loving Law Ltd. has lived there for more than nine years and says she never visited the town before, but was a fan of the West coast, having lived in New York before the relocation.

“I wanted to explore Las Vegas. I had never been but preferred the West Coast without the higher CA prices,” says Loving.

And Loving shares why she enjoys the Vegas lifestyle, with us here.

Favorite Things About Las Vegas

  • Variety of Activities and Entertainment

“The convenience and abundance of entertainment and leisure options. Unlike smaller towns or cities where I’ve lived, you rarely have to compete for a wait at restaurants since Las Vegas offers so many restaurants– especially off the Strip,” says Loving.

“On average, I think Las Vegas offers better restaurants than other places I’ve lived and visited. I like where you have the option to either experience a more suburban feel doing things off the Strip, or to experience a vacation/resort feel of being on the Strip amongst tourists,” explains Loving.

She adds that because many places are open “24/7,” you can have assurance that somewhere will be open if you need to shop last minute or grab a bite to eat.

  • Diversity

“Another neat feature of the city is the diversity in residents,” says Loving.

The “Not-so-Fun Side of Vegas

  • Traffic

“The driving is pretty horrible compared to elsewhere. [It] Feels like at least one auto accident occurs daily somewhere in the Las Vegas Valley. Some people theorize it’s because so many different driving styles converge in Las Vegas from all the different visitors and transplants. I always feel like I must be extra vigilant whenever I’m driving.

  • The Summer Heat

Loving says that because Las Vegas’ temperatures rise quite high during summer, she can’t be outdoors as much as she’d like.

Remember the Following When Moving to Vegas:

Loving says that if you’re considering moving to Vegas, one option is to try it out for a year and see if you like it.

“The cost of living is relatively cheap compared to elsewhere, and the city still offers an abundance of housing options, so as long as you can find employment, it’s an affordable place to try on a whim,” says Loving.

She also says that– even though you may not think so, Vegas can be a rather family-friendly place.

“People [who are] unfamiliar with the suburbs in Las Vegas may assume much of the city revolves around the casinos and vice, but the city actually offers many neighborhood and county parks. Lots of indoor play places exist–probably because of the hot summers, and places like the children’s museum downtown and water parks,” explains Loving.

Loving ends with saying that many people move to Vegas and don’t immediately “fall in love” with living there, but you must remember, the city can definitely grow on you.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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