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When moving, you often have a set list of things you need to accomplish before the move. Some are more obvious than others, like packing and labeling your belongings, using the right materials to pad the boxes and keep them safe and it’s even common to want to clean out and get rid of things you may not need any longer, before you relocate.

Here are a few things you may not have thought about when it comes to moving and we think can help you on your journey.

Dan Moyer Jr. is the National Director of Social Media for Closet Factory in Los Angeles, CA, and he talks specifically about moving to the Santa Ana area and keeping some unique tips in mind.

Moyer’s Tips on Moving

“When people move, figuring out how to fit their existing wardrobes and belongings into a brand new space is one of the first challenges they have to overcome,” says Moyer.

This, he says, is because what worked for the previous owners of your new home may not necessarily work for you.

The Downsizing Trend

“With newly built homes trending smaller, your storage has to become smarter,” says Moyer.

Consider some of the following when you’re furnishing a new space:

“You paid for every square inch of your new home. Shouldn’t you get the most out of it?” asks Moyer.

Moyer says that the options companies like his, have to offer, allow the customer to choose wisely when it comes to storage and also make a new space look trendy.

“[We] offer 100% custom storage solutions, free in-home consultations, and service the Santa Ana area,” says Moyer.

So regardless of what space you’d like to transform, considering the options for each one will help you make the most out of your space.

“From closets and living rooms, to garages and pantries, having a designer physically in your home to measure your space and walk you through the design process will truly help a new house feel like a home,” explains Moyer.

When it comes to moving to Santa Ana, be sure to research the area close to your new home for local activities, shops that are close by and great deals. You may find it easier to purchase furniture pieces that fit your space if you do so locally.

Remember to insure your belongings and find out about your moving company (if you choose to use one) before the time of your move.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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