Finding the Right Holiday Storage Solutions

6 November 2015 by

Some people frown upon decorating for the December holidays in November, but I say, do it! If you’re brave enough to start your holiday decorating now, we have some holiday storage solutions in this post that can help you stay organized as you get ready to pull your things out of storage. It’s never too early to have an organization plan.

Lisa Gessert is a Professional Organizer based in New York, City and she owns She has some tips and tricks to share regarding holiday organization.

Tip #1: Don’t Take on Too Much

You may be pulling things out of storage and know exactly what you want to use but if you’re also shopping for additional items, make sure you don’t over do it. Gessert says to live in the space you have.

“If you have a small space, little storage, please keep that in mind when shopping for decor. So many of us love the items we see and purchase them without thinking of ‘where are we going to store it once the holiday is over?’” shares Gessert.

Remember to think ahead if you can and take some time to look for storage solutions for new items as well as old ones, when you’re shopping.

Tip #2: Choose the Right Storage Bins

“There are great solutions using bins that really work well in stacking decor. Check your local stores for storage solutions while you are buying your décor and purge your old stuff every year,” says Gessert.

Gessert further explains that if you buy something new you should consider tossing out something old. This will hopefully help you stay on budget as well as decide if you truly need the new item you have your heart set on.

You can also use colored bins to identify the décor you’ll be storing. We talked about Halloween options in our previous post but you can get creative and change things up for the other holidays. Personally, the visual aspect of color-coding bins helps me see where things are when I’m looking for them and makes life much easier.

Remember to try and save money when finding your perfect holiday storage solutions. If the colored bins are too much to spend, use clear ones to help you see what’s inside or- you can always just label them and tag on the side so you know where everything is.
Good luck and happy holidays!

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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