Ideas and Uses for Your Expedit TV Storage Unit

4 November 2015 by

There’s a plethora of IKEA furniture pieces that everyone loves. One of our favorites is the Expedit TV storage unit so we decided to write about how great it is.

Be forewarn that when you search for “expedit” on the company’s website you won’t find it, but a similar product will show up in its place, this one called Kallax.

Here are some ideas that take the Kallax (or expedit) TV unit to the next level.

Uses for Kallax

Hazel Thornton from Organized For Life says that when you look at the options IKEA offers there’s nothing like the cubical storage this piece has. When you need a place to keep your TV, this is an amazing storage unit but even if you get the piece that doesn’t have the larger section (for the TV) you can do a lot with it.

“One unique application is to use it as a room divider- you, know, if the room is large enough and needs dividing, such as a loft apartment with no walls, a basement being divided into two teen bedrooms, or an adult lounge v. children’s play area,” explains Thornton.

And the truth is you can choose to use the empty cubes to hold decorations or books, or you can fill them with stylish baskets (also sold at IKEA).

You can also modify the piece to suit your personal needs, like John and Melissa Steele from Steele San Diego Homes.

“My husband and I redid our Expedit TV Storage unit when we moved into our new apartment… We added storage cabinet doors and some drawers to the unit, sanded it and painted it to match our apartment, and added some 4-inch legs to give it some depth,” says Steele.

*Read about their DIY hack for this unit, in this post.

Steele comments that one huge benefit to this piece is the price and quality.

“For the price of the unit, it offers lots of storage and holds up great against wear and tear. However, I don’t see its style fitting well into a luxury apartment or home. I think for a young person, though, the unit is ideal, and there is so much you can do with it!” explains Steele.

So whether you choose the TV style or regular Kallax (8 cubes standard) you’ll be able to mix and match your spaces. The best thing is that nothing has to be permanent with this storage unit. You can choose to fill all cubes with baskets, only the top or bottom rows or even just a few allowing you to maximize usefulness and create your own space-saving solution.

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June Brockmeyer

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