3 Tips for Halloween Storage

2 November 2015 by

It’s officially November, which means you can take some time to put away the spooky decorations you used this Halloween.

The key to Halloween storage is to move quickly and stay on task. That will not only ensure you get things done, but also make it easier to transition on to the next holiday.

We asked Sharon McRill from The Betty Brigade to give us some tips and tricks on the subject.

Why Take Time to Store and Organize Your Decorations?

You invest time and money into the items you use to decorate for Halloween so you’ll want to prevent damaging them so you’re able to show them off next year.

“In my time at The Betty Brigade, I’ve seen scores of broken, chipped, damaged, or otherwise unusable holiday decorations. We end up having to throw these long-time family heirlooms away when we do home clear outs because they’ve been so badly taken care of for so long,” says McRill.

McRill says she’s an advocate of having less (decorations) as long as they are in good condition so she shares three tips to do just that.

1-Pick the Right Container

“Don’t put your decorations back into flimsy cardboard boxes! Amazon.com has tons of inexpensive options for holiday storage! Or – if you’re like me – keep an eye out for them at stores before or after the holidays and pick them up at a great deal! This goes for your paper products, lights, and other fragile items as well,” explains McRill.

She also adds that you shouldn’t store your items in anything that can absorb moisture or that can’t handle being moved around. McRill recommends using bubble wrap or foam inserts to help cushion fragile items so they don’t break between holidays.

2-Label Everything

“If you know what’s in the box, or better yet, can see it- then you’ll have an easier time finding things when the holidays roll back around. This also helps prevent things from being lost if you move between holiday seasons,” says McRill.

You can also color code your items based on the holiday; for example, getting orange and black containers for Halloween items and green and red for Christmas can help you identify what’s inside without having to open the boxes.

3-Choose the Right Storage Spot

“You want to avoid storing your holiday items any place where animals or weather could potentially damage them. You’d be surprised how crafty rodents can be. Water from inclement weather can also cause big problems for your holiday items if they aren’t stored properly,” suggests McRill.

Remember to look for dry spots when choosing storage location such as an attic or a basement. By following these simple tips you’ll be able to stay organized and your home can get decked out for the next Holiday.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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