Auction Hunters Cast: 4 Memorable Characters

1 November 2015 by

Auction Hunters is a reality TV show about the exciting world of storage auctions—from bidding on abandoned units to appraising the loot to selling the goods—and the only thing that differentiates it from all the other reality shows about storage auctions is that it’s on Spike TV, not A&E. The stars of this show are Allen Lee Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones, but there are other members of the cast whose names are not as well-known….until now.

Here are the four most memorable characters of the Auction Hunters cast:

Clinton “Ton” Jones – Auction Hunter

Ton Jones enjoys hunting, fishing, collecting guns, wrecking cars for fun, and long walks on the beach. His detailed knowledge in old coins, jewelry, daggers, and armor makes him an expert on the show as well as a pirate in training. He was also the previous president for Reptile Rescue & Rehabilitation business in which he wrangled mountain lions and poisonous snakes. He also donates a lot of the items purchased from storage auctions that he can’t sell (like clothes or unopened toys) to charities. He has a net worth of $1.5 million.

Allen Lee Haff – Antiques Dealer

Allen Lee Haff, whose nickname is the wildly imaginative Allen Haff, is a second-generation antique collector. He used this skill of buying and selling for a profit to fund his college education and started his own business at the age of 24 and later opened a movie memorabilia and vintage collectibles store called Hollywood & Vintage. Though his IMDb page is filled with appearances on various TV shows such as Just Shoot Me!, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, and My House is Worth What?, his net worth of net worth of $1 million is due to his business. 

Robin “Big Sis” Matte – Shop Manager

Robin Matte, who played a “recurring character,” on the show as Jones and Haff’s shop manager, died in May of 2014 at the age of 37 from stage 4 ovarian cancer. On the show, she left her job to return to her home town but didn’t say why. Apparently she was given three months to live, so she quietly went home to be with her family. She had four siblings, was always the funny one, and moved to California to pursue a comedian and acting career. She appeared in music videos, on radio talk shows, and in several comedy shows, and it was her casting agency that got her on Auction Hunters. She also hosted and performed in comedy shows even as she was undergoing treatment for her aggressive cancer. 

Laura “Elle” Soares – Auction Hunter

Laura Soares, known as Elle, was a new-hire on season four at the Haff-Ton Pawn Shop when Allen needed a new partner to help him at auctions. She’s Brazilian and has the feisty personality that is perfect for this kind of work. Prior to appearing on Auction Hunters, Laura had bit parts in various TV shows, including How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, and Poop Notice. Before that, she attended Law School in Rio de Janeiro but dropped out to move to Los Angeles to open her own business, Laura Soares Swimwear. Once in Los Angeles, she got into television, appearing in commercials, music videos, and a Brazilian television show.