10 Things About Brandi Passante of Storage Wars I Bet You Didn’t Know

Unless you’re a fan of A&E’s popular reality TV show Storage Wars, you may not have heard of Brandi Passante. She is one of the stars—an auction bidder—and is considered the reasonable one on a show that takes pride in being loud, combative, and chaotic.

So if you want to contribute to the water cooler conversation at work, try using these 10 things about Brandi Passante that I bet your office mates don’t know:

  1. She and her long-time boyfriend Jarrod Schulz are not married. But they have been in a committed relationship for 15 years, which means, of course, that their lives are fodder for a new reality TV show, called Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Jobabout their unmarried status.
  1. She and Jarrod met at a carpet cleaning company in 1999. According to him, she chased after him. According to her, “Yeah, right.”
  1. She and Jarrod opened their own second-hand store called Now and Then in Orange, and a second one in Long Beach, which they populate withitems that they bid for on Storage Wars. The Long Beach store was closed down after just one year because it had not made a profit.
  1. Because of an aunt in the storage industry, Jarrod started going to storage auctions when he found himself out of work in the mid-2000s. While at an auction, the producers of Storage Wars approached him about participating on the show. Rumor has it that they wouldn’t shoot him without Brandi also being on TV with him.
  1. Brandi won $750 in a lawsuit she brought against a “revenge porn” website that posted a fabricated porn video with her in it. True she sued for $2.5 million, but at least the guy behind the site was arrested by the FBI for identify theft, security breach, and general jackassery. He was also stabbed with a pen by one of the women he defamed on his website.
  1. In another life, Brandi might have become a chef. Not only does she enjoy cooking, but she’s Sicilian and Chicken Stroganoff is her signature dish.
  1. Brandi is in favor of “salting” the storage lockers (planting valuable items in the storage units), which apparently the producers of Storage Wars regularly do, because she benefits from it.
  1. Brandi has a DUI and Jarrod did jail time in 1999 for dealing crystal meth—but that didn’t stop them from getting their own TV show. See what happens when you turn your lives around, kiddies?
  1. Brandi has a net worth of $1.5 million. Jarrod’s net worth is also listed at $1.5 million, but it’s not clear whether they’re each worth that much or they have to go halvsies on it.
  1. Her full name is Brandi Leigh Passante, she was born on May 16, 1980, and she is a Taurus.