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30 October 2015 by

Legos are all the rage for children across the world. They’re arguably a great developmental tool as well as a toy that can keep kids entertained for hours or even days.

We wanted to get some tips from the pros on lego storage and bring you some ideas in this post.

Maureen Guzman, owner of Katy Home Organizer, shares some of her thoughts on setting up a Lego storage system.

“Lego builders like to build and keep their Lego creations around for while so they need some room to spread out. If they are working on a big project and want to take a break to build a quick car or motorcycle, they’ll need room to have multiple projects going,” says Guzman.

How to Create a Storage System

Guzman explains how she was able to find the right solution for her client’s son, a 10 year old boy with a passion for Legos.

“We bought 4 of the low Trofast storage systems in white and pushed them all together to create a large work surface –36”x78”. We bought a variety of drawer sizes to accommodate the different projects he had in progress and storage for sets he would be building in the future. We also purchased 2 of the Trofast wall storage units in white and simply stacked them on the far end of the work surface and up against the wall,” says Guzman.

Guzman notes that because those units are small, they’re perfect for the individual sets of Legos like cars and the smaller parts in general.

“With these solutions, we were able to provide ample work space, as requested by the son, and storage for ongoing and future projects. Larger projects as well as smaller ones are safety stored in the deep drawers that fit under the work surface,” says Guzman.

Double Duty

Guzman thought of creating an area that served different functions which can be extremely important, especially when dealing with smaller spaces.

She explains more about how she made her solution work.

“This spacious work area, when cleared off, can double as a place to do homework, draw, or do other activities. We purposely did not cover it with a Lego board because it limited the possibilities,” says Guzman.

This is just one simple, yet effective solution, but it offers the storage Lego lovers need and uses beyond just Legos. You can take Guzman’s advice and create your own space that will serve the purpose of Lego storage and perhaps it doubles as a cool command center for your children to play on.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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