Kitchen Storage For Small Spaces

27 October 2015 by

There’s nothing worse than a minuscule kitchen and an addiction to fancy culinary gadgets. Ok, there are worse things, like earthquakes and severed limbs and line-ups at your local Starbucks. But just for the sake of argument, let’s say there’s nothing worse than a small kitchen.

Your choices are: move to a bigger house, increase the size of your kitchen, or come up with some creative ways to store your gastronomic gizmos. If you don’t have the credit score for a bigger house and your apartment lease forbids you to expand into your neighbor’s home, then creative hacks are your only choice.

Here are 6 resourceful kitchen storage unit ideas:

Portable Kitchen Island

This is like Fantasy Island on wheels and without the fantasy. A portable island or kitchen cart is an excellent way to create extra counter space for food preparation, but to really make the most of your small kitchen, get a cart with cupboards and drawers underneath.

Inside the Cupboard Door

Speaking of cupboards, the inside of a cupboard door is untapped real estate. In fact, I saw a Century 21 sign posted to mine just the other day. You can install a shallow towel rack on the inside of the cabinet door to use as a lid rack for all your pot and pan covers. You can also use this space to affix a door-mounted cutting board rack or maybe just an intimidating picture of Peter Walsh to remind you not to clutter up your kitchen.

Hang Things

The majority of mess accumulates on counters and in drawers, so de-clutter by making use of the area on the walls or above your head. Mount a pegboard on the wall to hang your pots, sieves, or large utensils. Hang tiered baskets or mesh hammocks from the ceiling for your fruit and veggie storage. You can also attach magnetic jars to the fridge for your spice collection.

Baskets and Vases and Aprons, Oh My! 

To avoid cluttered drawers that are so jam-packed with utensils that you can never find anything, place them in small wicker baskets that line up neatly on the counter. You can also use wide-mouth vases or tall jars or, if counter space is at a premium, a deep pocket apron that hangs on the wall is a great alternative.

Corner Space

Like any good ship captain, you’ll need to learn to use every inch of space, even the awkward areas of a corner cupboard. Lazy Susan to the rescue! Buy or make one that has a pie-shaped wedge cut out of it so that you can close your corner cabinet doors.

Fold-down Kitchen Table

If you have an impossibly small kitchen with little counter space, where do you eat your Wheaties every morning? If you’re tired of standing up to eat, then try a fold-down kitchen table—and be sure to choose one with cupboard space for your dishes and cereal.