DIY Bedroom Organization Tips

23 October 2015 by

If you’re ready to give your bedroom a face-lift in organization, we have just the stuff. Sharon McRill, Owner of The Betty Brigade, shares some DIY bedroom organization tips you can put into play today.

“We often have clients who just don’t know where to start when organizing, particularly in their bedrooms so we came up with some simple ideas to help get them started,” says McRill.

Easy Bedroom Organizing Tips You Can Do Yourself!

  • Take it Slow

“Tearing your entire house apart all at once can overwhelm even the strongest person. Take it a step at a time. Start in one room, then move to the next. Use file boxes, binders, or a file cabinet to get your paperwork under control,” says McRill.

  • Sort it Out

“Do you need it? Do you use it? Do you love it? If you said no to any of these then you shouldn’t keep it. Get a few boxes – label them donate, sell, keep and discard – then start putting things into those boxes accordingly,” recommends McRill.

Take time to declutter while you organize. McRill also reminds us that most documents like insurance documents, bills and even legal correspondence only need to be kept for six years. Make sure to check with your tax professional if you’re worried about getting rid of something important and remember to shred anything that has personal information on it.

  • Everything in it’s Place

“Once you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t want, you can focus on organizing the leftovers. At this point we usually recommend finding some organizers specific to the items you have. If your closet is still a mess, then perhaps looking into a closet organizing system or storage boxes to hold specific items like socks, hats, or scarves. Under-bed storage goes a long way too,” says McRill.

You can also get furniture that allows you to have more room. If you are in a studio apartment or smaller space you can look into a trundle bed or a Murphy bed (space-saver), a headboard with built-in storage, ottomans, nightstands and other pieces with integrated storage also help tuck things away.

Remember to keep your bedroom DIY simple and allow it to match your style. If you like the minimalistic look, keeping things stored away might do the trick but some people enjoy the look of chests, benches and baskets in their bedroom to hold their things. We always recommend you have fun and get creative!

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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