Quick Tips on How to Pack Wine Glasses

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Whenever you’re getting ready for a move, it’s important to spend a little extra time packing those things that are most fragile, like wine glasses, so they arrive safely to your new destination.

Cathy Ward, Owner of Brides Village says she’s had a great deal of experience shipping wine glasses and many other delicate items and has some expert tips to make sure yours are in perfect shape while you relocate.

“The key to storing anything that won’t break later is one- prevent movement and two- don’t put anything heavy on top of the box they’re in,” says Ward.

Ward’s Advice on How to Pack Wine Glasses

Bubble Wrap & Newspaper

Ward says that using small bubble wrap (not large) for your wine glasses can keep them extra safe from impact.

“Wrap each glass folding one end down into the glass as much as possible without stressing the glass…take a third piece of bubble wrap, lay the two glasses down with three or four inches of space between them, and put balls of newspaper between them– snugly but again, not stressing the glasses. Put another one underneath the stem where the base is, and another on top of each,” explains Ward.

“The purpose is to create a cushion between the two glasses; if you put them side by side and a box gets jostled, the sudden movement can still crack a glass. Wrap those two glasses together snugly with a piece of bubble wrap, tape it shut; then fold and tape the two ends as well,” says Ward.

Peanuts and Styrofoam

Ward says that packing peanuts will work to cover the glasses once they’re already inside a box but you can also use balled-up newspaper and achieve the same effect.

“I see a lot of people who just “lay” sheets of newspaper around things; that doesn’t do a thing. Wads of newspaper are soft enough– yet firm enough, to hold most any fragile item still; yet it has “give” should the box take a hit,” says Ward.

Box Placement

Ward reminds us to try not to put something fragile against a hard cardboard side because the glass will most likely crack from a small amount of movement.

“The wads of newspaper have to be plentiful enough to prevent movement, so put a layer on the bottom, some around the sides of the glasses, and jiggle the box. If the glasses move, you need more,” shares Ward.

“Try to use a box that has at least three to four inches of space around the glasses. In the absence of a nice new strong box, you can reinforce BOTH the inside and outside of the box with wide packing tape, duct tape, or even shipping labels.”

Above all, Ward recommends using new or sturdy boxes when packing fragile items. If you have a box that’s a little weaker, make sure you pad it extra carefully to avoid it collapsing onto the glasses if something heavier is set on it.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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