Finding the Perfect Mudroom Storage Units

16 October 2015 by

Now that the seasons are changing, you may need to start pulling out some winter clothes and shoes- not to mention, holiday decorations. So storage is going to prove a great resource starting from the entry to your home.

Let’s talk about Mudroom Storage Units

Monique Prince, Clinical Social Worker, Parenting Coach and GAPS clinician from Tame Your Wild Child shares some tips and tricks that work for her.

Picking the right furniture for your entryway or mudroom can be a little tricky because often times there is not a lot of space to play with. Prince says that looking for the right piece of furniture could be just what you need.

“I have found that furniture pieces are the perfect solution. Pieces such as bureaus with nice deep drawers, chests of drawers, nightstands or end tables with 3 or more drawers, and armoires work really well especially if you have children,” says Prince.

She explains how sections of furniture can work to help your family stay organized as well as keeping spaces looking tidy and great.

“Each person can have a drawer or two to store his/her shoes, hats, mittens, scarves, accessories, and backpacks. Even if the stuff inside the drawer is not organized, just shut the drawer and the mudroom quickly looks great. You can even keep one drawer for a couple of towels to wipe of wet shoes before putting them away. And the furniture just looks nice for the entryway,” shares Prince.

Common mudroom pieces are benches that open, any shelves or places you can use baskets in (cubbies work great too) and tables, as mentioned.

“Having a mirror on the bureau is a bonus so that you can take a quick peek at how you look before going out the door,” says Prince.

You can also use console tables and add a mirror to the area above it to get this same effect. If you like to hang things, consider a long piece of wood that has hooks or a furniture piece like this one, that combines all of the above. These pieces often range from $100 and above but because they will serve a specific function, it’s worth the investment.

Staying organized means finding your perfect solution. It’s all about fitting the space you have and getting creative to make sure you can store those things you use often and still have your home shine in style and look fabulous. Don’t be afraid to combine a few of these suggestions or set certain areas in your home –for example, the main entry as well as one from the garage, with some different furniture pieces to help you stay organized.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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