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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Helene Segura decided she wanted to live in the city “most unlike L.A. – San Antonio.” So in 1993 she made the move.

Segura is an Author, Speaker and Productivity expert, M.A. Ed., CPO and she shares insights that could help you greatly if you’re moving to San Antonio.

“I love the laid-back pace here. I don’t feel the “rat race” here the same way I have in other large metropolitan areas,” says Segura.

The city, which Segura says has weather to grill outdoors for 10 months out of the year, has plenty to do, but she recommends that you choose a home that’s relatively close to your every day activities.

“If you have kids, I highly recommend that you start with school district searches. It’s always helpful to live closer to your job so that you don’t have as long of a commute, but schools will also play a factor in the location you choose,” explains Segura.

She tells us that making a list of the top 10 things you want to have in your neighborhood (or nearby) is extremely helpful. You should also include what you don’t need in your neighborhood or nearby so you can compare the list later.

“It’s unlikely you’ll find a place that has 100% of your wishes, but at least you’ll have a focus on your wishes and what you’re willing to trade out for,” says Segura.

Helpful Driving Tip

If at all possible, Segura says you should spend a Thursday through Sunday in San Antonio so you can see what life and traffic are like on weekdays, weekends and rush hours.

“Reading statistics online will be helpful, but experiencing it in person is even better,” shares Segura.

Helpful Moving Tip

Segura also recommends using a checklist that will help you get things done without as many headaches.

“Start with your move date and work your way backwards in mapping out all of the tasks you need to complete, along with your timeline…The task list should be shared with family members so that everyone can do their part to help,” explains Segura.

Helpful Money Tip

“We can go through periods of drought and water restrictions, so be prepared for landscaping limitations – or a much higher water bill…If you move into an older home that isn’t energy efficient, be prepared for a very high utility bill from your air conditioner,” says Segura.

On another note, San Antonio doesn’t have state income tax or toll roads and has a relatively low cost of living. Overall, Segura reminds us moving is never easy so she says to take a deep breath and try to enjoy the ride.

“There’s never a perfect move. But the more planning you do, the less stress you’ll have!”

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