3 Things About American Auctioneers I Bet You Didn’t Know

Dan and Laura Dotson, the featured auctioneers on A&E’s infamous reality TV show Storage Wars, own the company American Auctioneers which specializes in self storage auctions. It may be hard to believe, but the Dotsons make a good living by auctioning off the junk from abandoned storage units.

In California, where their business is based, if the rent on a storage unit has not been paid for three months, the contents of it can legally be auctioned off. The people who come to bid on it are not allowed to enter the unit, so they must bid blindly and hope that the waterlogged cardboard boxes are filled with valuable goods. It’s kind of like gambling, only less sexy, no cocktails, and the only chips involved are likely to be stale Doritos.

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, here are three things about American Auctioneers I bet you didn’t know:

1. The company is growing rapidly.

The Dotsons’ business has grown from doing 300 auctions a year to over 3,000, averaging two auctions a day, six days a week. In fact, according to the American Auctioneers website, they are “California’s #1 auction team.” (Hey, I didn’t say three interesting things I bet you didn’t know….)

2. Fans will soon be able to join a live online auction.

Because of their success in the auctioning world and the growing fascination of people worldwide, American Auctioneers will soon allow fans the opportunity to participate in live online auctions. Also, Dan and Laura are going to take up gold mining. Maybe as a result of number three below.

3. Pirate loot was discovered at an American Auctioneers storage auction.

At an auction held by American Auctioneers, a man “identified only as John” bought the contents of an abandoned storage unit for $1,100 and discovered that it contained $500,000 worth of pirate loot. Apparently, an old blue Rubbermaid container held many rare coins, identified as “Pieces of Eight” Spanish gold from the 16th century, as well as some gold and silver bars. It took three people to carry the box away.

Selena Templeton

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