The Best Ways to Find a Roommate

We all know that finding the right person to live with is not easy. Many of us have had roommates that are– let’s face it, not the greatest, so what are some of the best ways to find a roommate? We ask some experts and share their insights in this post.

Jeremy Schmidt is the Director of Marketing at Rent College Pads, and he says they actually have a tool that can make the search for the perfect roommate much easier. The website focuses on college students and housing but the idea is to bring the right people together.

“We have a tool for students looking to find roommates on our site. Any students can post via a Facebook portal on our site and find roommates at their school,” says Schmidt.

Social media has played a huge role when it comes to connecting people, selling things and yes, finding roommates, so it makes sense to use those existing networks to get the right people in touch.

“We’ve seen that connecting with people on Facebook is a great way to find a roommate. It allows people to interact and get a feel for each other online before making the big commitment. They can see if they share interests or have any friends in common that can give them an idea of the type of person a stranger is before they jump into a year-long lease,” explains Schmidt.

But regardless of connecting with others online, as Schmidt mentions, these people are essentially strangers, so we don’t endorse or suggest that people just trust whomever they meet online. We say do your research and be sure to get as much information about those people you’re considering before you exchange personal information.

You can also research testimonials online.

Here are some additional tips

  • Meet candidates at a public place such as a coffee shop, restaurant or mall and compare living preferences with them (do they wake up early, do they like to have the A/C on very cold or average, what’s their typical schedule? etc.)
  • Make sure their habits are okay by you (do they smoke/drink? Do they watch a lot of TV or listen to music? And such things that may make them and you feel comfortable
  • Discuss romantic interests briefly (will they be bringing people over a lot? Friends or dates etc.)
  • Be safe: If you get any uneasy feelings, politely say that you don’t think they would be compatible with you and end the interview.

If you follow these steps and write down your top candidates, you’re sure to find a roommate that’s right for you and your living situation. Once you find a good one, discuss any time frames for the living arrangement such as month-to-month and we recommend to discuss them giving you a 30 day notice if, and when they may be ready to move out. Best of luck.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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