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Choosing to relocate can be a bit of a stressful endeavor, especially if you’re moving to another state. In this post we have some tips to help you in your transition. Sylvia Dahlby from SmartSearch shares her experience of moving to provide some insight on the topic.

Dahlby has been living in Hilo, Hawaii since 2008. She moved there from Cave Creek, Arizona and says the process was definitely complicated.

“When we put our Arizona house on the market, we expected it to take at least three or four months to sell. It sold in three days. This was a Class A problem. While we were happy to accept the offer, our buyers wanted a short escrow – they asked for 30 days, we negotiated 60,” says Dahlby.

With such a tight deadline, Dahlby resorted to book everything she could as soon as possible. She looked for a moving and storage company, packed her belongings and made their travel arrangements. She also had to consider pets.

Map Out a Timeline

“We had two cats to ship and that involved a lot of lengthy tasks including micro-chipping, vaccinations, veterinary health certification, and processing an application through the Hawaii Department of Agriculture in order to avoid putting our pets in a four-month quarantine in Honolulu. We had two cars, decided to sell one and ship the other. In addition, I had business commitments that required me to be at various places in the country for conferences and client meetings for the next three months. Mapping out a timeline was tricky,” explains Dahlby.

Prioritize Tasks

If you don’t have the luxury of a lot of time, you may want to consider storage to help you transition into the process at a smaller level.

Dahllby decided to make their move in two stages, which meant she could take a little of stress away.

“We put almost everything in storage in Arizona, and as soon as we closed on the house we shipped my husband’s car to Hawaii and sent him on ahead with it. He stayed with family in Hawaii for about a week until the car arrived, then rented an apartment and got busy looking for a new house.

Research the New State in Advance

Dahlby’s husband sent her links from Hawaii, to view property listings online.

“This was the first time we bought a house in the age of the internet, and it was great how that made it easy for me to keep up with my husband’s picks. We made offers on three houses and the third offer was accepted,” shares Dahlby.

Tie Up Loose Ends

In the case of Dahlby, she was able to stay on the mainland, take some extra time to pack and get her affairs in order. Once they were able to buy themselves some time, Dahlby says things moved swiftly.

“In retrospect everything went smoothly, although it felt like chaos at the time. We sold the Arizona house in February, and moved into our new home in Hilo in June,” says Dahlby.

Dahlby shares some additional tips if you’re planning to move from state to state.

  • Get a good Realtor in both states
  • Do a lot of reconnaissance in the state you’re moving to
  • Get a good moving and storage company that can handle your household items and vehicle. Compare at least three of them, the prices vary by a lot; and check references thoroughly
  • Get Lifelock or other identity theft insurance if you’re putting sensitive documents (like tax returns) in storage
  • Get a dumpster, you have a lot more trash than you might think

Dahlby also recommends making local donations of things you no longer want or need. For example, books can be a huge help to libraries or churches.

When it comes to insuring your valuables, take pictures and create an inventory of your things in case anything is damaged in transit. Make sure to keep your receipts.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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