Cargo Trailer Rental: A Top Three Comparison

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When it comes to cargo trailer rental, there are a few things you need to know before you make a commitment, starting with what they are.

Chan Plett from tells us more about the topic.

“Cargo trailers are detachable storage vehicles with one or two axles…trailer moving is often when the trailer detaches from the cab of the truck. The difference between these and regular moving services is that most moving companies use cubic feet or weight to calculate pricing, but moving trailers are rated by the linear foot. It’s based on how much space you need,” explains Plett.

Plett says she considers a few companies to have the “top three” spots in the market for cargo trailer rentals. The difference between them usually comes when you see their rates.

“ABF’s U-Pack, Old Dominion Home Services, and ULoad are three companies absolutely slaying the industry right now,” says Plett.

A Comparison

“U-Pack is great because they have their own fleet: ABF. They have availability and a network of drivers. Same with Old Dominion. ULoad is a lot more consumer-friendly in that their tools and resources help secure a larger availability of trailer moving companies,” says Plett.

More people are opting for these types of moves instead of U-Haul and PODS moving. The type of moving is traditionally called LTL (less than truck-load) shipping, and the industry has seen a recent migration to home services, servicing home moves specifically according to Plett.

Here is a short pro/con list for the three according to Plett.

  • ABF’s U-Pack

Pros: Increased availability, Relo-Cube (storage pod) option

Cons: Not always the lowest price

  • Old Dominion Home Services

Pros: Increased availability, free quote online, tracking of your shipment/storage

Cons: Customer support isn’t very comprehensive

  • ULoad

Pros: Lowest price, free online quote, customer service, fastest timeline for moving and shipping

Cons: Availability can be limited based on your location

In order to decide what’s best for you, Plett recommends you focus on which service has availability and can fulfill your moving or storage size needs.

“Each moving company and model offers different benefits which may cater to your specific moving needs—sometimes one is better than the other…For small moves going long distance or for large moves locally, moving trailers are definitely the most cost effective and convenient option,” shares Plett.

Now it’s time to do a little more personal research and make an estimate of how much space you’ll need. Then you can pick a company (these are only recommendations) and reserve a moving trailer fits your size and price.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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