Easy Tips on How to Store Power Tools

18 September 2015 by

If you’ve recently purchased some power tools, you know they are an investment to your life as they usually cost a little more than a hammer and nails. Because of that, we wanted to share tips on how to store power tools so they last you a long time.

Brian Prince is a small business owner and self-called “jack of all trades” at Refinishing {RVA}

Proper power tool storage

“I am 35 and I mostly take my tips from my Grandfather, David J. Genz. He was a master carpenter, hydroelectric engineer and a true salt of the earth, practical guy. I still have his Craftsman Plane from 1951 wrapped in the box. This tool is still sharp as they day he purchased it,” shares Prince.

Prince also tells us that the success of storing power tools is greatly affected by the material of the place you store these.

“Proper tool storage depends greatly on breathable storage containers (cardboard, laid or hung neatly in a cabinet, cloth or canvas padded bags, etc.),” says Prince.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect place for your tools.

  • Gently clean your tools with air dusters or damp rags after each use
  • If you use these tools often, you can use a self or hanging surface like a peg board to hang them but make sure they are clean after each use
  • You may also use a 3 in 1 household oil if necessary (see manual for your tools)

“I specifically store my DeWalt 20v tools in foam padded canvas bags, heavy duty Rigid boxes with cut foam for transport or in my work bench drawers,” explains Prince.

  • If you have newer tools feel free put them back into the plastic bag they came in to prevent scuffs
  • Remember to label packages where your tools are stored (if for a long period of time) as fragile or with specific labels so you remember where they are but also to be careful when handling them if you’re moving or relocating their placement

Prince says to remember that your power tools are valuable and they can keep that value if stored and kept properly. You never know when or if you’d like to sell these so you want to make sure they last you in great condition for as long as possible.

Whether you have one or many power tools, they are considered a must –have in every household. By following these simple tips you can enjoy them for longer and keep them in tip-top shape.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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