Best Moving Labels For Any Occasion

18 September 2015 by

Most people get advance notice when they are required to move, but for those of you who are forced to sneak out of your apartment in the middle of the night, you don’t have the luxury of time to pack up your most prized possessions.

Obviously you can’t take the large objects with you, such as your urethane foam-filled, plaid-covered modular sofa or your 54-section walnut shadow box, but you can take the smaller items. However, it’s not enough to simply throw them in empty cardboard boxes and stuff them in your car; affixing clear, descriptive labels to the boxes will make your life on the lam much calmer and ensure that such possessions as your homemade bong is within easy reach.

Use Color-Coded Labels

Unless your landlord is keeping a sharp an eye your front door ready to nab you the minute you walk outside, make a quick trip to your local Container Store, Staples or Office Depot. Here you can purchase pre-printed moving labels that are color-coded by room. Keep in mind that you should put one of these stickers on every side of the box; in the event that they tumble around in your car, you want to be able to quickly determine what’s inside without having to turn the box right-side up.

If you live in a one-room shanty you won’t need all the stickers that come in one pack (Master Bedroom, Bathroom #6, Servants’ Quarters, etc.), but they may come in handy when you’re on the road and need to build a quick fire to keep warm because the heater in your old Gremlin hasn’t worked since 1982.

Making Labels with MS Word

If a quick peek through a slit in the sheet covering your window proves that your suspicious landlord has set up camp across from your front door, not to worry. You can still make some excellent (well, passable, anyway) moving labels on your computer.

It’s easy to print a full page of labels containing the same text—such as “one-room shanty”—or a page full of different labels. To throw your landlord and inevitable police force off your scent, try printing up labels with a fake address, stick them to various red-herring boxes, and leave them in your pad when you flee.

Pack One Emergency Box

If you’ve sorted your belongings into different categories, whether by room or by use, you may want to make one emergency box with all your necessities. That way, you won’t have to dig through six or seven boxes just to find everything you need for one day. This may include a toothbrush and other daily toiletries, a change of clothes, your phone, laptop, and chargers, the latest issue of Crappie World Magazine, and all bong-related accoutrements.

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