DIY Living Room Décor Ideas

17 September 2015 by

In most homes, the living room is the central room where families spend time and guests are received. (Unless you’re Ron Jeremy, of course.) So even if the rest of your abode looks like the set of Hoarders, you ought to make some effort to make this room welcoming.

Sure you could spend tons of money at Williams-Sonoma—if you want to look like every other classy domicile in town. But if you really want your living room to look homey, you’re going to have to do it yourself. That’s right, folks, here are some great DIY living room décor ideas (and by “great,” we mean “kitschy.”)

Coffee Tables From Unused Objects

What do you do with all those miscellaneous articles that you just can’t seem to throw away, and yet you can’t find any place for them? Slap a sheet of glass on top of that old airplane propeller you have lying around and call it a coffee table! Or push together a bunch of empty apple crates, throw a flower in the middle, and call it a crate coffee table.

In Lieu of Curtains

If you’re cheap or lazy, it may be tempting to pretend you’re still in college and just hang an old sheet across the window, but unless you have zero interest in ever having a date over to your place, don’t. Instead, get creative and make a mason jar window treatment. It won’t give you an iota of privacy or keep the light out, but damn is it a great conversation starter. For that oh-so-rustic look, gather up your spare planks and old fence boards and you’ve got yourself some funky barn wood shutters.

Artwork, Schmartwork

How often have you looked at a work of abstract art in a gallery and thought “My 5 year old could do that!”? Well, put your finger-painting where you mouth is. Frame your child’s artwork and hang it on the wall of your living room. For an extra professional look, affix a little placard next to it indicating that it’s selling for $10,000. There’s your kid’s college fund right there.

A blank wall is also a great place to store your odds and ends. Arrange them with pizazz and who could tell the difference between a Louvre exhibit and a stolen street sign collection?

Dumpster Diving for Divans

Instead of going to a furniture store for a sofa, just head on down to your nearest dumpster. I mean, in this day and age, who doesn’t recycle? This environmentally-conscious sport for the frugal is no longer relegated to just the homeless; people from all walks of life are finding truth in the adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Just make sure you give your finds a good cleaning. You don’t want to be digging between the cushions for loose change and discover a family of squirrels.

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