Finding Easy Girls Room Storage Ideas

If you’re looking for girl room storage ideas we’re here for you. We wanted to share some simple tips that could help you get your girls organized and their room looking shiny and clean so we listed the top ideas that can help you get started today.

For the Collectors

Evan Zislis, Founder & Principal of Intentional Solutions and Organization & Strategies Consultant, says that his 5 year-old daughter is a collector of things and shares how he has had to find a place for all her beloved items.

“She loves rocks and sticks…My process is simple. Start with the end in mind: what is her ideal vision of the space? That clarity points the direction for what to keep, how we organize and how we bring the space to life with style and vibrancy,” says Zislis.

Here are Zislis’ steps in creating the vision of space.


What can we get rid of that’s just in the way?


What’s functional storage (stuff we use everyday) vs. archival storage (the stuff we get to less often) and how can we utilize available space to maximize functionality?


“How can we revitalize the space with style through the aesthetic, function, flexibility and lifestyle of the lucky young lady who gets to enjoy this space every day?”

Adding to this advice is Jennifer Connolly’s perspective. She’s the Internet Marketing Manager at Organize It.

Designated Spaces

“I personally found that having a ‘place’ for everything helps speed up clean up time, and time it takes to get ready to go somewhere. Having a designated place for items in a child’s room/playroom also teaches children organization skills,” says Connolly.

She adds that having little “stations” in the rooms also gives children a feeling of being in separate areas even though they are in the same room.

“If possible little dividers made with bookcases or curtains can break-up rooms into little areas,” suggests Connolly.

Utilizing furniture that allows your girls to store their items can also be helpful since it serves a dual function and lets them really appreciate the value for space. Ottomans that open, shelves and small desks are perfect pieces to help indicate purpose and space as well as keep their room organized.

By following these expert tips at your own pace, you’re sure to help keep storage in your girl’s room neat and tidy, just how they like it.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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