Seasonal Storage Tips: Summer to Winter Clothes

5 September 2015 by

If you’re thinking about getting a head start on your seasonal storage, specifically summer to winter clothes, we have a few hacks that are just perfect for you.

Ari Mir, CMO of Clutter Storage, shares his advice for being the most efficient when packing up summer clothes and getting winter ones ready.

Options for Storing Clothes

  • Cedar chests

Mir says that cedar chests are ideal for keeping out pests, but can be a bit of an investment. He shares an alternative.

“You can simulate a cedar chest by adding couple packs of cedar disks (the kind that goes on hangers, less than $3) or lavender sachets to an opaque plastic tote,” says Mir.

  • Vacuum seal bags

If you go with vacuum seal bags, compress them only halfway to prevent crushing and crinkling fabrics. These bags do hold a lot but it can become easily wrinkled and weigh a lot more than you think so keeping the load light will help your overall storage.

  • Avoid plastic bags

Contrary to popular belief, Mir says that garbage bags or plastic shopping bags do not keep out moisture– which can mean mildew, weird smells, discoloration and more,” explains Mir.

When Packing Your Clothes

If you’ve picked out everything you need for winter and have some things left to keep in storage, Mir has a few tricks you can use.

For example, storing boots and sweaters can be easy and affordable if you get creative.

“Keep your fall boots upright (no creases) by cutting up a swimming pool noodle to the right length,” says Mir. “Sweaters and other heavyweight knits should be taken off the hangers and folded flat.”

Clean Them

You should also make sure you clean the clothes you’re storing even if your summer clothes are technically clean. Having them dry-cleaned right before you pack them will help get rid of any dust or allergens (like pet hair) that may have collected while in your closet or drawers.

Another good tip is to include a dryer sheet during the packing process to help make them smell good next year.

Fold Them

If you have a lot of clothes to put away, make the most of your container space by folding clothes in a way that takes up the least amount of space inside the container.

Storing your summer wardrobe may seem like a simple process, but avoiding problems does take planning. If you follow the above tips, your clothes should be good as new when you pull them out next summer.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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