6 Tiny Closet Solutions For Storage

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If you have a small closet, you know how frustrating it can be to need something, pull it out, use it and find that there’s really no room to ether, put it back, or store anything else inside. That’s why we found six tiny closet solutions that can help get you organized and generate more space where you need it.

Alison Kero is the owner of ACK Organizing and she shares what has helped her when she’s had to deal with small spaces.

Tiny Closet Solutions

  1. What to hang up

Kero says to only hang up items that should be hung up such as coats, blouses, skirts, dresses or other articles of clothing like dress pants which may get wrinkled easily. There’s no need to hang up t-shirts or shorts if you don’t have the space.

“Fold everything else to save on storage room. Sweaters will pull if you hang them up,” adds Kero.

  1. How to fold the rest

You can fold your remaining clothes however you like but Kero says she has a technique to save even more space in drawers and shelves.

“Fold vertically to increase storage capacity by about 50%!” says Kero.

  1. What to store on top shelves

If you have a closet with one shelf or more, you can take advantage of this space to store light items like blankets or shoes. Save the bottom of the closet for anything heavy or that you use on a regular basis. That way, Kero says, you can grab what you need “without killing yourself.”

     4.  Invest in storage solutions

Kero recommends getting some shelf dividers and storage bins so you can keep things that are not used as often (or maybe a different season of the year) tucked away, clean and organized inside the space.

“I prefer clear [containers] ones so you can see everything that’s stored in the bin without opening it…Labeling the bins will enable you to store everything else you need,” explains Kero.

  1. Make your own “extra space” if you don’t have it

If you own the home or have talked to your landlord and they allow it, you can build shelves or bring in your own shelving to add more storage space in the closet, according to Kero.

  1. Don’t keep what you don’t need

This is a piece of advice that’s applicable across the board when talking about storage. Kero reminds us to only store what you like, use and need. Otherwise, she says, “You’re just cluttering up usable space with junk.”

These tips can help transform even the smallest closet into one that is clean, useful and organized.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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