Tips for Moving out of an Apartment

29 August 2015 by

When you’re moving out of an apartment, it’s important to be efficient to make things easier on yourself. But, you should also consider doing some additional things so you can get the most out of the move and leave in great terms.

Blake Connoy, co-founder and Managing Director of Helpling, gives us his top tips for moving out of an apartment.

Clean The Apartment

Even though you’re probably exhausted from all that packing, cleaning your apartment before you turn in your keys is imperative. And Connoy says you shouldn’t just clean a little.

“Deep clean. If you own your apartment then this is still a very important task, but it’s especially important for renters. Landlords can have very high standards, as they want the place to be in rentable condition ready for the next person as soon as you move out,” says Connoy.

He also reminds us that to get your security deposit back entirely, you’ll want to leave the place as close to (or better than) how you saw it when you moved in.

“Places people often forget [to clean] are the tops of cupboards and the shed or garage (if you’re lucky enough to have one!),” says Connoy.

Other places you should clean are the refrigerator (inside and out), baseboards, microwave (inside and out) and the cupboards above it– if applicable, bathrooms (toilets and tubs) as well as any place you’d look at when searching for a new apartment.

Plan Your Escape

We also know that planning goes a long way during a move. It’s a great idea to plan out how many boxes you’ll need, the dates to start packing etc.

“Plan, plan, plan. Packing up your life and moving it to a new place takes a lot of planning…All of these things need to be planned in plenty of time, so you’re not left short-handed (or short-boxed!) on moving day,” says Connoy.

He lists a few questions you should ask yourself in the process.

  • What exact date and time are you moving?
  • How many people do you need to help?
  • How big a van will you need?
  • Do you know anyone with a van who would help you out in exchange for a few beers?

Finally remember to keep a log of any receipts or paperwork for any repairs you’ve done and need to get reimbursed for. You can always talk about any additions or deductions to your security deposit after the apartment complex employee does the walk through but be sure to address everything at that time because once the keys are given back, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to do much. Now you’re ready to move out so stay calm and enjoy the ride.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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