How to Cover a Mattress When Moving

You love your bed. It’s the place where magical slumber happens and you rest after a long day. That’s why it’s important to take care of your mattress by covering it properly when planning a move.

Ali Haji, Owner of Allstate Movers, shared some helpful tips for finding the perfect mattress cover for moving.

But first…

Why Cover it?

“Mattresses are usually handled carelessly while moving from one place to another,” says Haji. And he agrees that as “the thing you relax and rest on, it must be given the highest attention.”

To do so, you need to cover the mattress as much as possible with the proper cover.

“Treat it as carefully as you would the other items or you risk destroying your once comfy bed. Breathable plastic covers are one of the best options to keep your mattress safe during whole moving and storage process,” says Haji.

What Should You Use To Protect A Mattress?

If you’ve recently purchased your mattress and still have the original packaging, this is ideal. But Haji says you can easily get a plastic cover for $25 or less that will do the trick. There are other options that vary in price but may offer higher quality. So shop around and select the best fit for you.

Once you’ve decided on a cover (brand), choose the right size for your mattress. Haji points out that most of the king size mattress sets have two piece box frames, so he suggests buying one king and two twin size mattress covers to shield all three pieces.

Covering your mattress is especially important if you’re planning to keep it in a storage unit or other place where it may be exposed to the elements. Make sure the mattress is stored on top of something (avoid placing it on the floor or pavement!) and in an enclosed area to prevent dirt or moisture from affecting it.

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Get Creative

If you have multiple mattresses to cover before your move and you don’t want to purchase multiple covers, you can try using one or two large plastic bags (cut them if you need to), making sure the sides are taped shut to cover the entire mattress.

Protecting your mattress with the right cover is key because the better you protect your mattress, the better you’ll sleep that first night in your new home.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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