How to Choose a Realtor

The home-buying process can be a mix of exhilaration and anticipation along with a healthy dose of stress and worry, especially if you are a first-time home buyer.  Just as people hire travel guides when touring foreign lands, people hire credible and knowledgeable Realtors® to help guide them through the home-buying process, as well.

Here’s a little secret: most people really have no idea how to choose a realtor. Many house hunters choose a real estate agent for all the wrong reasons. Maybe it’s a friend or family member, or maybe they just admired their social media ad campaign. But at the end of the day, those seeking help in purchasing the home of their dreams need to hire the agent that will help them successfully agree on the best price, navigate the sometimes confusing home-buying process, and do so in the best timeframe possible. With that in mind, choosing a Realtor because she’s your neighbor or he’s your brother-in-law might not be the best plan.

The Voice of Experience

“When I meet with new buyers I always tell them to interview a few real estate agents to find out how competent they are and to discover if they are committed to looking out for their best interests,” shared veteran Realtor Brett Streiff of Weichert Realty/Tower Properties. “I tell buyers that I want clients for life and my job is to make sure that they don’t overpay for a home or make critical buying mistakes along the way.” Streiff advises home buyers is to make sure a real estate agent explains the process to them, but also alerts them to the potential bumps in the road that they could run into. “Purchasing a new home is quite a process and all future homeowners should be mentally prepared for that journey,” he reminds them. A good, high-quality real estate agent should ask lots of questions to find out how to better serve their clients as well.

Streiff has developed a broader perspective during his years as a Realtor. “I go the extra mile for all home-buying clients,” he says, “because I know that someday they will become a home seller, and I have to make sure that they can sell that property when the day comes. I suggest all home buyers do their due diligence to make sure they hire a professional that will do only their best work for them.”

Signs of a True Professional

Streiff went on to advise that all home buyers should look for Realtors who are willing to do their own homework and who are truly invested in their client’s needs and desires. When he meets with a buyer, or even sellers, he has a specific process he likes to follow. “The first step is to meet the buyers or seller and gather as much information about them and their needs as possible. Communication between the client and the Realtor is hugely important when making a life-changing decision like buying a home.” Streiff reminds us that a good Realtor will look out for their client’s best interests and follow all their lawful orders. “I encourage all home-buyers or sellers to make sure they hire a professional that will carry out their fiduciary duties and represent them to the best of their ability,” Streiff adds.

Buying a home is rarely easy, and it can be emotionally challenging, but you don’t need to let it make you crazy. By enlisting the help of a reputable and qualified Realtor the first time, home buyers can avoid common mistakes, save themselves weeks or months of valuable time and ensure a smooth transaction and a positive outcome.

Kathleen Krueger

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