Useful Tips for Packing Your Garments

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You’re on the move and you’re almost done packing your things but, what about your adored garments? You definitely want to take extra care of your clothes so they are in tip-top shape when you unpack in your new home.

Desmond Lim, Co-Founder of QuikForce, shares his advice on how to pack your garments when moving.

Garment Boxes

This is going to be one of the most important decisions to make when you’re packing your garments. The type of boxes you use, will determine how well they make it to your new home.

Lim recommends that you go above and beyond cardboard if possible. Especially if you’re planning to leave your boxes in storage for a little while.

“Definitely use water-resistant boxes that are sturdy… And get your own boxes! The mover’s boxes may not be ideal,” says Lim.

The recent Harvard/MIT graduate also suggests you keep these boxed garments in a dry place to prevent any damage. You can use plastic boxes in different shapes and sizes to store your garments.

Neatness Counts

Lim also reminds us that neatness counts when you’re packing your garments. The better you organize them when they go in the boxes, the easier it’ll be to unpack and put away.

“Fold and keep garments neatly (if you do not fold them they will become out of shape later)…During moving, separate your garments and clothes from other stuff to not dirty or create tears [in the garments],” says Lim.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags

The popular vacuum seal bags are also a good choice when packing garments in a box. These truly save space and keep things organized, clean and potentially “wrinkle-free” (although depending on the fold, you may still have to iron the clothing items once you unpack).

But if you decide to go this route, be sure to get a box sturdy enough for a lot of weight because even though you’re saving space, weight is still the same. You don’t want your box (especially if you use cardboard) to bottom out and lose your precious garments.

Garment Bags

Not everything will stay in the best shape when packed into a box so make sure you decide what specific garments will require a more gentle method, such as a garment bag, and these can travel with you in a vehicle or suitcase depending on the length of your trip.

Another helpful tip when using a garment bag is to not over-fill it. One or two clothing items is enough per bag. Resist the temptation to put more inside because it can result in an extremely heavy bag – which may potentially break or tear – causing the risk of damage to your garments.

No matter what packing method you choose, following these tips will help you have a better packing experience and keep your garments clean, organized and in great condition.

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June Brockmeyer

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