Moving Long Distance? PODS Are Only One Option

Today, many people choose to move with PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) seeing this as a very convenient and cost effective way to move. PODS will deliver an empty container to your home and you can take as long as you like to pack. You can even get all your packing supplies from the company. When your container is full, call for pick up and they will pick it up. You have a choice of storing it or having it transported to your new home.

For moves that include several months between leaving one home and moving into another, PODS can actually be your best option. Store it until you are ready to unload, then call and set up delivery. “Getting items delivered to a local storage unit may seem like a good idea if you need long term storage, but actually it requires you to do an additional local move in/out of the storage unit,” Ryan Carrigan of reminds us. “With a container, everything stays inside the container the entire time, eliminating the need for a bunch of extra labor and transport costs.”

Your Options for Moving Long Distance

When moving long distance, PODS are a great option, but there is plenty of competition when it comes to portable storage containers for moving. There are several companies that now offer unique moving solutions.

U-Haul, for example, offers U-Boxes. Each U-Box holds about 2,000 pounds in 300 cubic feet of space. If you are moving a 2 bedroom home you can expect to use 4 U-Boxes. These strong plywood boxes have protective covers to shield your things from the weather. U-haul also provides specially designed trucks to haul multiple boxes; you can also use one of their special trailers and tow it yourself.

Another old company that now offers the new container option is United Mayflower. Mayflower offers a 16 foot waterproof steel frame container, with tie down rings to provide added security. For years, Mayflower has been a trusted source for moving long distance. Plus, they still offer traditional moving services. They will pack you up and move you out.

ABF Moving and U-Pack® offer some competitive services with their long distance moving. ABF moving even has service to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada. U-Pack is the largest brand under the ABF umbrella and the most economical of the moving plans. You do all the work – packing, loading and unloading – and U-Pack does the driving. Either a moving trailer or a container is delivered to you, and when it is time for the move, an experienced carrier transports it to your destination.

Moving by way of portable storage units is becoming more and more popular as consumers seek ways to save money. Moving your belongings is expensive. It is nice to know that you can save money by doing some of the work yourself and still be assured that your things will arrive at your new home in good shape.

Preparing for the Long Distance Move

What happens when your things do not arrive as expected? It is important for you take proper precautions to protect your belongings with insurance. According to John Bodrozic of, “A number of our clients keep a digital home inventory, with photos, documents, receipts, of all of their possessions. This helps to know the value of your items, which in turn, helps make sure they are properly insured, and also helps them document the conditions of those items before and after a move. If they ever needed to make a claim due to lost, stolen or damaged items, they would have the digital inventory of it as proof of ownership.”

No matter whom you choose to entrust your possessions to with your long distance move, be sure to have an inventory of your things complete with pre-move pictures in the event that there is a mishap. Read the reviews of the companies you are considering to work with and check out all the fees and charges. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for and that you are not paying for things you will not use. When you’re moving long distance PODS are one option, but do your homework. The right solution for your move is out there.

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