Expert Tips for Packing Pictures

The world of photography has evolved quickly in the last decade. Most of the photography done today is digital, in high definition (HD) form and allows for fairly easy editing as well as transfer and printing of the pictures. Regardless of the changes in methods of photography, most of us still have at least a few prints (photos) we cherish and want to preserve. We want to provide some tips on how to store photos, whether or not they are in a frame, and provide some great options for moving them when you need to relocate.

If your pictures are not framed, you can store them in a small box made of either plastic or sturdy cardboard. We don’t recommend a box that can be damaged or let the elements in because you don’t want those pictures to be damaged by moisture.

Moving Framed Photos, Prints, and Art

Katie O’Niones, Marketing Specialist, Corporate Marketing for Atlas Van Lines, talks about some picture moving options. She suggests the following if the pictures are framed:

“For large framed items you would use a mirror pack (it’s a type of flat box). For smaller frames, most movers would just use a regular box, with lots of packing paper around the framed pictures,” says O’Niones.

The mirror pack is sufficient for large framed items [but] smaller framed items should be placed inside boxes. It’s best to let a professional van operator seal those boxes and count them on the inventory…when moving art, those items may need custom crating or white glove services.”

Consider Foam Pouches For Extra Protection

You may also consider packing pictures in foam pouches – the foam cushioning is ideal for packing delicate items since it provides surface protection and cushioning. Another option is to wrap pictures and frames with bubble wrap. Wrap the bubble-side in for best results.

As mentioned above, after wrapping, you can place pictures in clean, sturdy containers and be sure to seal boxes securely with a quality packaging tape.

Always Take Extra Care!

When packing pictures or art, O’Niones says it’s important to take extra care. When you can’t hire a professional moving company to pack the items for you, O’Niones says to follow these general tips.

  • Secure loose parts and removable pieces.
  • Remove glass panels or mirrors, and cover them with padding or stretch wrap.

Don’t forget to label boxes or cartons containing breakables as Fragile and ask your insurance agent what is covered in case of loss or damage. These tips will help your pictures – and your mental state – arrive at your new home intact.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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