Best Moving Tape To Prevent Your Boxes From Falling Apart

Maybe you’ve just been sentenced to 5-10 years in the slammer, maybe your ex-spouse got a restraining order, or maybe you’ve finally decided to move out of your parents’ home. Whatever the reason, the time has come for you to put all your belongings into boxes, seal them with sturdy tape, and put them in storage.

There’s nothing worse than filling dozens of cardboard boxes with your entire Troll Doll collection, complete wardrobe from each decade since the ‘50s, and every exercise gadget from the As Seen On TV store only to have the tape give out and see your life spill out onto the tarmac.

We may not be able to explain to you why these items are all woman repellers (and, come to think of it, man repellers, too), but if you insist on packing up all this kitsch, we can give you a bit of advice on how to keep it in the box. Forever.

Check out these tips on choosing the best moving tape to prevent your boxes from falling apart (as for you life, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do):

Is there a difference between moving tape, storage tape, packing/packaging tape, and shipping tape?

No. Next question.

Ok, if you insist, here are the negligible differences between these four types of tape.

  • Shipping tape is best for—surprise, surprise!—shipping packages that will probably be handled quite roughly. The “hot melt” adhesive used on shipping tape ensures durable holding power, which makes this type of tape 20 times stronger than moving tape. (Is it just us, or is this starting to sound like the description of an S&M flick?)
  • Packing (or packaging) tape is just another way to say shipping tape.
  • Moving tape has an acrylic, UV-resistant, long-lasting adhesive that is not affected by drastic temperatures or time, so it’s perfect if you’re planning to store your boxes for a long time. And considering all the useless and ill-fitting “life mementos” you’ve packed up, we suggest long-term storage.
  • Storage tape is another name for moving tape.

Essentially, the difference between shipping and moving tape is the type of adhesive they use.

Bonus: smart move tape is convenient and, let’s face it, a fun way to pack up your boxes. It not only comes in different colors, but it’s got specific rooms (“bedroom” or “kitchen”) or messages (“open first” or “keep your dirty paws off”) printed on it. When you’re on the lam from the Feds, time is of the essence, and using this two-in-one moving tape allows you to pack up and go underground almost immediately. 

How many rolls of tape should I buy?

A 60-yard roll will tape about:

  • 12 – 14 small boxes
  • 10 – 12 medium boxes
  • 8 – 10 large boxes

You’re going to have to do the math yourself on how many rolls to purchase because we have no idea how many boxes of “sentimental keepsakes” you have. 

Do I need a tape gun dispenser? 

Only if you don’t enjoy ripping tape with your teeth. According to Staples, the advantages of using a tape gun are:

  • Convenient, one-handed dispensing
  • Seals cartons with ease

So there you have it.

How do I apply moving tape to a box?

If you have to ask, should you really be in charge of the move? Moving expert My Move suggests these steps:

  • Fold in the shorter flaps first, then the larger flaps.
  • Apply tape in an “H” shape—in other words, along the seams of the flaps.
  • If the contents of the box are quite heavy, add an additional couple of strips of tape from corner to corner in an “X” shape.
  • When you’re ready to seal the box, close and tape the top flaps the same way you did the bottom.

If this is still unclear, watch a short how-to video. And then please, for the love of God, wear a helmet when doing those dangerous skateboard tricks.

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