5 Rules to Stay Focused When Packing for Your Move

Moving, in and of itself, is not that scary. But moving can quickly become a nightmare if we leave certain tasks to the last minute.

To help tips for staying focused while moving, and specifically while packing, we talked to Joe Devost, Move Operations Field Manager with You Move Me, and we’re happy to share these five simple rules.

Five Rules to Stay Focused When Packing

Rule 1. Get a Head Start

Devost says that if you start packing as soon as you have your moving date you can avoid the ‘mad rush’ of last minute packing. He says this can also help mitigate the risk of items being damaged or improperly sorted and labeled.

Rule 2. Have Your Tools Handy

If you’re prepared with your boxes, packing supplies, and packing tools you can stay on task.

“This will ensure everything has a proper place and you won’t have to waste energy thinking about where it will go and how it will be moved,” says Devost.

Rule 3. Purge

We’ve talked about this before but moving is an amazing opportunity to declutter or purge items you don’t use that are taking up space in your home. You don’t want to be lugging those things into a new environment so take some time to purge.

“Make sure you’ve got some old boxes and bags to pack up those items you are purging, so they can be swiftly lifted out and off to the secondhand store, recycling depot or collected by a junk disposal service,” advises Devost.

Devost also suggests starting by purging anything you may have in storage and haven’t used for a year. Those items that have no sentimental value, he says, should be the first to go.

Rule 4. Start with the Easy Stuff

If you already have things packed – and it’s not stuff that will be purged – that’s the place to start. Devost says that if you start packing rooms filled with infrequently used items, you can make a quick and easy dent in your to do list. You’ll have boxes ready to go and can proceed to the next room.

Rule 5. Finish With What You Use Most

You know you’ll need some things from the kitchen as well as certain personal items, so it’s okay to leave those for the end. But try to minimize what you’ll need. Set aside a few outfits and personal items you use every day and pack the rest where you know you can easily find them on your first night at the new place.

“Try to consider what may not suit your new home, or furnishings and household things you won’t have room for. These can be part of your purge…Come moving day, if you’ve been diligent and thorough, not only will you be ready to move, you’ll also have fewer boxes to move and unpack,” says Devost.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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