Getting the Most Out of your Home Inspection

After searching houses of all sizes and shapes, you’ve found your dream home. It has the right amount of space, a good location and is in your price range. Now you have an offer in, and you’re thinking of diving in without an inspection to save money. Your friends who have bought a home before will likely advise you that the money spent on the inspection is well worth it. Here’s why they’re right.

Be Aware of House Issues

Before you even select your inspector, make sure you’ve had a good look at the house. Look in every nook and cranny and note things that concern you. It might also help to bring in new eyes by bringing in a friend or relative. They will see issues that your dream-glazed eyes won’t. Write those issues down, because it will be hard to remember everything once you’re in the actual inspection process.

Also, consider the changes you plan to make after the house is yours. You may by a fixer-upper or just want to change things to fit your style. Knowing this beforehand will help you ask the right questions of the inspector during your inspection. With his wisdom, he’ll be able to tell you whether your structural changes you have planned will be feasible or not.

Finding the Right Home Inspector

The best and most common way to find a home inspector is word of mouth. Your realtor is sure to have someone that they recommend, but don’t just take their word that their home inspector is the best. Realtors may get a payback for any referrals they give to a certain home inspector. Make sure you ask a friend, family member, or someone you trust who has bought a home recently. Ask them who they used and why. Also see what you can learn from their experience, since there is sure to be something they wish they would’ve asked but didn’t until it was too late.

Not everyone with a home inspector title has the same qualifications, so you should take the time do your research and find someone with more than just a title. Richard Locke of Houspect Building Inspections reminds consumers that building inspectors may have different levels of experience and training. “Ask them how many years of experience they have as a home inspector and what other industry experience they have. Also, ask if they have experience inspecting homes similar to the one you are considering for purchase.” That experience could be what separates you from buying your very own money pit.

To get the most out of your home inspection, you need to be aware of your house’s issues and what you want to change. You’ll also want to get good referrals for a home inspector and ask that inspector questions to make sure he has the experience needed to do a thorough job. Giving extensive thought to finding your home inspector will make you confident that you are getting the dream home you always wanted. And if nothing else… remember that you’re paying the guy, so you might as well get your money’s worth!

Kathleen Krueger

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