4 Moving Mistakes You Don’t Wanna Make

Don’t listen to those fortune cookies, there are certain mistakes you can avoid. Those of us who have moved residences at least once, know what it’s like to wish we would’ve done something differently in order to help things go smoother during the process.

We’ve got the top 4 moving mistakes you don’t want to make on your next move.

Moving Mistakes

1- Packing Things You Don’t Need

Hazel Thornton from Organized For Life says that this is one mistake on the top of her list of things to avoid when moving. There’s really no need to pack things you don’t use anymore just because you have them, according to Thornton. She says that there’s no better time to go through your belongings and get rid of what you don’t need.

“Moving stuff they [people] don’t even like or want to keep…usually happens because they put off packing ’till the last minute. If only they would start packing early enough– things they don’t use every day; like out of season clothing, books, holiday decorations, etc., and take the opportunity to purge unwanted items as they go, the move will be easier, cheaper and they won’t be stuck finding homes for these things or storing them in the garage until they move again,” says Thornton.

2- The Miscellaneous Box

Thornton says that she doesn’t like to mix items in boxes but rather organize them as best as possible so things can be easily found when it’s time to unpack.

“If a box contains winter clothing, a couple of cooking pans, a wall clock and a few scrapbooks, and is labeled ‘MISC’ (miscellaneous), you are going to forget what’s in there and not be able find what you are looking for later,” explains Thornton.

She suggests that instead you pack and label more specifically. Take advantage of things you are not using, like winter clothing if it’s summer time. Set those things aside until later and if they’re already packed away, no need to unpack that box, just label it ‘Winter Clothing.’

“If you must put together a ‘MISC’ box, list the items on the outside of the box. Or, for privacy, number the box and list the items on a spreadsheet,” says Thornton.

3- Last Minute Set-Ups

You don’t need to turn on your new utilities until usually the night before you move into your new home but you must contact the utilities companies and get everything paid for and ready a few days or weeks in advance. The sooner after signing your lease or purchase agreement the better because there could be a waiting list to get services started.

4- Going Too Cheap

We know that moving is expensive and it can be overwhelming to have to spend so much money almost all at once but it’s important you make sure you aren’t saving money on the wrong things.

For example, cheap moving tape may not really stick after a few hours and cause your boxes to come undone and hiring cheap movers could be a risky mistake if you don’t know their reputation. Your things could be damaged if not handled properly or worse, you could suffer from theft.

Ask friends and family and get personal reviews so you know your belongings will be safe. And remember, planning for these things in advance can not only save you time in the end, but also give you some organized peace of mind.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer is a writer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Her background includes TV news writing and reporting, weather forecasting as well as blogging; specifically for small businesses, software, education and lifestyle. June is fluent in Spanish and has experience in translation, writing and tutoring. Having moved back and forth from the U.S. to Mexico a few times, June enjoys researching new options for storage solutions and moving. She is a fan of organization and celebrates new ideas to help stay clutter-free in her everyday life. She graduated Cum Laude from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University and loves to spend time with her husband, baby boy and their cute Havaneese dog, Reef.
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