Win the Game! Tips for Video Game Storage

Video games have changed dramatically over the years. What used to be a thick plastic cartridge can now be found in a web version or in a lightweight CD form. But one thing that remains intact is the value video games have to those who are involved in the industry. Gamers and collectors will always value a good piece of hardware that brings back memories of the first virtual games that ever existed.

I’m no expert (although I still have my Nintendo NES and about 14 games) but I do remember having to blow into the game cartridges of Duck Hunt as I was getting ready to play– because this was what you did to get the game to play without pixelating or ‘freezing.’ Oh, the good ol’ days.

Anyhow, to bring you tips on video game storage, we talked to Dr. Tim Lynch from Gaming PC manufacturer, Psychsoftpc.

“I have worked with storage facilities for a while now. Storing video games, like any software or backup physical storage, requires certain environmental constraints,” says Dr. Lynch.

Dr. Lynch’s Recommendations 

You can store those games that are in cd/blue-ray form in CD sleeves or cases but Dr. Lynch says that it’s crucial to make sure the storage area you’re placing your video games in is dry since you may have additional items to store along with the games.

“You’re not just storing CDs or DVDs but cases and papers with those all important gaming keys without which you can not install or play the game,” says Dr. Lynch.

“Temperatures must be on the cool side– say 66 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (too hot could damage the CDs and DVDs) but never below 33 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees is freezing and too cold is also bad). Unlike physical backup storage which is often on tape or hard drives, there is no need to worry about magnet interference or EMP shielding, but if the facility wants to get into this type of ‘off site storage,’ they should look into it.”

So if you’re ready to put those valuable games in storage, talk to the facility owner or manager first to make sure your needs can be met. Look into a climate controlled unit if you live in an extreme weather location or, consider another location if you must. Anything to keep those valuable pieces of history safe and sound for the next generation (or you, when you’re ready to play again.)

Game on!

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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