How Much Does a Small Storage Unit Cost?

Wondering how much a small storage unit costs to rent? The short answer? It depends.

Utilizing small storage units can be a great option for storing excess items that seem to be clogging up the garage or basement. It’s also a great place to keep seasonal items safe and dry during the off-season and an excellent option for those looking to downsize, but aren’t quite ready to sell their belongings yet. But what about small storage unit costs and how do you know what size will work? How does one determine what price is fair? What other factors and costs are involved? Here are some tips and thoughts to help you figure it out.


The first step in determining what size storage unit will work for your needs is to visualize the room or rooms from which the items came. Did all of your stuff fit into your bedroom? Your garage? Your entire basement? One of the many benefits to securing a small storage unit is the ability to stack your items, but renters still need to be realistic when it comes to what they will need for space. Household items, sporting equipment and furniture that once filled an entire stall in the garage are not likely to fit in a small storage unit the size of your bedroom.

Location, Location, Location:

Location should also a factor when deciding the price of a small storage unit. Many storage unit tenants are willing to drive a bit father if they are able to save a noticeable amount of money off their monthly rental. If the only storage facility available is fifteen to twenty miles away, customers should factor the cost of the gas and drive time into what they deem fair for a small storage unit.


When determining the cost of a small storage unit, what would you rather have: a unit that is cheap but in an unsecured area or one that costs a little more and has exceptional security measures in place? The safety and security of your items, along with your peace of mind, may be worth a few extra dollars when considering the cost of a small storage unit.

Customer Service:

Users of storage units don’t always consider the storage unit industry as one that is driven by customer service. But the reality is, these facilities are a business just like any other: a business that has the customer’s best interest in mind.

“I currently have a storage unit,” shared Jasmine Stringer, a business woman and lifestyle expert from Minnesota. “I selected the company I went with because they offered great incentives, had an excellent location and worked with me on helping me to decide what size we needed. Small storage units are a great idea for temporary storage or seasonal items.”


Oftentimes the best storage unit facility is one that allows customers the option to grow. Having a small unit may be just the ticket for most families, but having a unit that is too small can also prevent them from storing their belongings in the unit comfortably, or worse yet, everything might not fit! By working with an accredited and reputable facility, customers can be assured that, if the time should come that they need a larger storage unit, the transition will be a seamless one.

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