Your Valuables Kept Safe: Packing Tips

If you need to store your valuables and want to make sure they stay in tip-top shape, we’ve got a few examples that will help you accomplish just that.

Jennifer Snyder is a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Neat as a Pin Organizing Experts in Waco, Texas. She often helps her clients pack valuables for storage and gave us some of her recommendations.

Tips for Storing Your Valuables by Category

  • Art, Antiques and Figurines

Art is a delicate and valuable thing. When packing things like figurines and antiques it’s best to do so individually.

“For short-term storage, I would recommend first wrapping in an unprinted paper towel then with bubble wrap and tape. The paper towel will prevent the bubble from adhering to the painted surface. For long-term storage, use acid free paper instead of a paper towel – especially for antiques,” says Snyder.

Snyder says that wall-hanging artwork can be wrapped in shrink wrap, back-to-back and front-to-front.

“For fine or very expensive art, it is best to have a custom box made with corner inserts to keep the piece secure,” explains Snyder.

  • Jewelry

Snyder recommends to polish silver jewelry pieces prior to storage and wrap them tightly with Saran Wrap covering all surfaces. Snyder adds that this will not only protect the pieces but also prevent further tarnishing.

  • Furs and Clothing

Snyder tells us that it’s very important to store these things in breathable garment bags instead of plastic. She says that continuous contact with the plastic bag could cause a reaction with the fabric, ruining the garment.

  • Christmas Ornaments

Because the size, shape and material of ornaments can very, we recommend using the ornaments’ original packaging if you still have it. Otherwise, you can purchase an ornament storage box to separate and keep ornaments organized and safe.

Snyder says she prefers using inserts from liquor store boxes or drinking glass inserts for moving boxes for precious ornaments.

“Place the insert into a plastic lidded container (crush-proof) and place as many ornaments into each insert as reasonable. The [Christmas] tree topper should have it’s own box and I like to use stockings as padding for the topper.

  • Books

“Most books will pack and keep nicely. Antique and heirloom books, however, should be packed with acid-free paper. I like to take a large piece and weave it through several volumes in an ‘S’ shape. If intending to store very long term, pack in a plastic lidded box instead of cardboard. Cardboard will attract rodents, which would ruin the books,” shares Snyder.

*Bonus Tip

Snyder adds one more important tip for any type of valuable:

“When storing long term I prefer plastic containers to cardboard whenever possible. The plastic will protect from water damage and pests in addition to being of uniform size and shape for very easy stacking. Always get clear containers and slide a piece of paper on the inside (facing out) with the contents of the box.”

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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