The Perfect Storage for Blankets

When I first moved from Boston to San Francisco, I thought, “Blankets? Who needs blankets?” I imagined falling sleep each night, warmed by nothing more than a spectacular West Coast sunset.

Boy was I wrong. It gets cold in San Francisco! As the nights wore on, and my bones ached from the chilly evenings, I wished I’d packed up my blankets and brought them with me. At least in Boston it’s cold when it’s supposed to be cold—in the winter. If you live in a place where things are less predictable, blankets sure do come in handy.

Whether you are moving to a warm and sunny clime (that is, you are not moving to San Francisco) or packing up your cabin for the season, there are a few tips on the perfect storage for blankets. These tips will help you keep your much-needed blankets in excellent shape, ready to unpack the moment the temperature changes (outside or inside!).

First and foremost, clean those blankets. You can wash them or send them to the cleaners—either way, it’s best to pack them up when they are all fresh and clean of dead skin, mildew, bodily fluids… need I go on? Clean the blankets, my friend. There’s really no sense tucking them away until they are in pristine condition.

As Kari Warberg Block, CEO of earthkind® points out, “You will need to wash or dry clean your blankets before you put them away. Moths are attracted to fabrics containing sweat, hair, body oils or dead skin cells. Washing or dry cleaning clothes first will make them less attractive to moths.”

Block offered these excellent tips on keeping your blankets free from moths:

Clean the storage area.

It is important to clean off the shelf, closet, chest or whatever type of area where you will be storing your items. Cleaning the area will assure that any moth larvae or existing moths will not already be present to cause damage.

Store in vacuum sealed bags or airtight containers.

You want to make sure that moths will not, and cannot, get into your items. Cardboard boxes or flimsy plastic bags such as garbage bags or used shopping bags will not provide enough protection from pests.

Place a natural moth repellent in stored items.

Stay Away® by earthkind is made from ingredients such as citronella, lemongrass, peppermint and thyme and is the first and only natural pest prevention product to meet EPA standards for safety and effectiveness in the home. Stay Away creates an invisible barrier that keeps moths out and protects your blankets, linens, family heirlooms and other fabrics.

Whether you are packing for a move, putting things in storage, or just getting ready for the next season at your family’s cabin, putting your blankets (and pillows) away carefully pays dividends. You’ll have a fresh, cozy bed when you need it. And, wherever you land, that’s worth a lot.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

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