Store Your Skateboard: Face It, It’s Time

14 July 2015 by

Maybe you live in the snow belt. Maybe you’re still healing from the last spill you took (a decade ago). Maybe you’re the only 42-year-old at the park without kids. Whatever the reason, the time’s come.

Yes, it’s time to store your skateboard.

Whether you’re planning to put your board in the basement next to the pogo stick and thigh master or in a legitimate storage unit, you’ll want to take precautions to ensure that it’s ready the next time you are.

Ari Mir, the CMO for Clutter, a concierge storage company based in Los Angeles, says that they “always recommend packaging items that are of monetary or sentimental value.” He also points out that skateboards are “a pretty durable item.”

Regardless, we’ve got some tips to keep in mind when boarding your board (it was a lame joke, but we hate to see readers get bored).

First, Mir says that you should “use a thick bubble wrap around the body of the board,” particularly “if you’re looking to store a skateboard that has a design you want to protect.” This helps safeguard that sweet alien head custom job done by the guy wearing the oversized JNCOs, low-top Vans, NOFX t-shirt, and unbuttoned red-and-black flannel.

It’s especially important, he says, to make sure that you wrap “the wooden body of the board securely.” In other words, make sure that the deck is particularly well wrapped—unlike your knees the last time you wiped out.

Mir also suggests that you “cover the wheels with plastic wrap.” That way they will still be fresh when they come out of the refrigerator.

No. That’s not right.

The plastic wrap helps protect the wheels against grime and moisture. When it comes to the trucks, you’ll be ok if you keep them dry. Considering that most are aluminum, steel, or titanium, they’ll outlast your entire Social Distortion album collection.

Since they’re located in Southern California, Mir says that he doesn’t see too many skateboards going into storage (why on earth would anyone store their last attempt to hang on to their youth?), but that “seasonal items like skis or a snowboard” are much more common.

The most fragile item in the extreme sports world, though, excluding egos? “Surfboards,” according to Mir. “They can easily get dinged and they’re generally pretty expensive.” His advice for storing surfboards is the same advice heard by freshmen at rush parties every fall: “Always make sure to double wrap the items you cherish the most.”

If you “take the time to carefully pack your items before storing,” as Mir suggests, you’ll find that your skateboard will be ready to roll as soon you get bored of hacky-sacking.

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SSF Team

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