How to Find IKEA Spare Parts

If you’ve ever shopped at an IKEA before, you know that they understand the word saving. They have streamlined their floor plan to save you time looking for the things you need, and they have furniture and organizing items that offer seemingly unlimited ways to save you space. They also have affordable options to save you money. Let’s not forget their space-saving packaging.

Most of IKEA’s products are packaged in flat little boxes to make it easy for their customers to take home themselves. The box will contain all the furniture pieces, hardware, and instructions needed to put your furniture together easily. Sometimes you even have a few spare pieces. I recommend holding onto those, in case you may need them in the future.

Missing IKEA Parts

What do you do if you happen to be the person who unpacks every single piece, do a double check, and still find a piece missing? The quick and easy solution is to contact IKEA and have them solve the problem for you. They will most likely be able to give you what you need for free since it was their mistake. That is the easiest way to get the replacement parts you need.

Sometimes, though, driving back to IKEA is not an option. Maybe you live too far away to run in to pick up the missing pieces. Paul Moyer, author of the blog, offers another solution. “Other than contacting IKEA, the only place I know that has a really large selection is” They have anything from screws to furniture pieces for many of IKEA’s popular products. Just type the name or number of the part you need into their search engine and it will be easy to find.

Perhaps you purchased a used piece of furniture from a garage sale or Craigslist ad, only to find out that it’s missing some pieces. Some IKEA stores have bins of hardware in their Customer Service area for sale. You could also check out the AS IS clearance section of IKEA and see if they might have the part you’re looking for. They get different pieces every day, so sometimes it’s worth checking more than once.

Repurpose Your IKEA Spare Parts

Sometimes finding that missing item to fix your furniture is just not possible. Moyer has a suggestion for that situation too. “If you have an IKEA piece that is damaged, then you might want to repurpose it. The best site for that would be, where they do amazing stuff with pieces of IKEA furniture.” You can find repurposing ideas for all the rooms for your house along with outside furniture. They also have ideas for all types of people, from kids, to gamers, or even business professionals.

There are all sorts of ways to save when buying IKEA furniture, whether buying new or used. Using the different ideas stated above, you are sure to find one or two options to help you find the replacement parts you need to complete your project. When you find yourself ready to replace that IKEA furniture, remember somebody else may be looking for the parts that you have.

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