Start Your Own Business with a Public Storage Franchise

Frustrated with working hard to please your employer, just to earn a paycheck? Maybe it is time to do what many frustrated workers are doing today – start your own business!

When you’ve never owned or started a business before, purchasing a franchise can simplify the process. With a franchise, you have someone else to tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it in a way that will achieve success. There are costs involved with purchasing a franchise, but there are always costs involved with starting a business.

Once you decide to purchase a franchise, the next question is ‘What type of business can provide you with the income opportunity you are looking for?’ One option to consider is a public storage franchise, for several reasons.

Why a Public Storage Franchise?

Storage and moving businesses are some of the most sought after business ventures, for several reasons. Compared to many other business ventures, they offer low startup costs, minimal overhead and an increasing demand by consumers.

A storage facility can operate at a much lower occupancy rate than other types of rental facilities. This is one of the reasons why storage businesses weathered recent years of an economic downturn, better than most. Property maintenance is minimal and so is the need for employees or expensive office space.

Storage Franchise Options

When it comes to public storage franchise options, there are more variations than you might realize. The storage business has become quite diversified with several different business models.

  • Mobile Storage

    This type of storage involves delivering a storage container at the customer’s location for temporary use or for moving household items from one location to another.

  • Self Storage

    This is the traditional storage facility that allows customers 24/7 access to their storage units.

  • Valet Storage

    A newer and growing storage model involves picking up items for storage and delivering items back upon request without direct customer access to the storage facility.

  • Storage and Moving

    Many storage companies also offer moving services along with storage options.

Different franchise options will require different investment amounts to get started and build your business. Franchise fees is just one of the costs to compare. What benefits you receive in exchange for those fees should also be compared. Do you need to purchase real estate? Equipment? Marketing?

Zippy Shell Incorporated fits in the mobile storage franchise category. Marketing Manager, Rachael Pawlowski, encourages those comparing storage franchise opportunities to look carefully at the startup costs involved in a franchise purchase. For instance, Zippy Shell portable storage containers are specifically designed for easy transport. They can fit inside a moving van or in a standard trailer truck. Many of the other mobile storage franchises require the purchase of special equipment and/or flatbed trucks for delivery and pickup, greatly increasing startup costs.

Franchise opportunities offer lower risk, stronger buying power and brand recognition, some great benefits. The storage business is a stable and growing industry in all areas. At the same time, nothing is foolproof. Do your homework and make sure you are comparing apples to apples when making your decision

(And remember… Self Storage Finders does not issue financial or business advice. Be sure to consult with your financial adviser before making any investment, including starting or purchasing a business.)

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