Renting a Storage Unit: The Price Dilemma

Today we will venture into the world of pricing; storage unit pricing per month to be exact. How much does it cost to rent a storage unit each month? We contacted the experts to get a better idea.

Matthew Sandlin works at The Storage Center and was happy to share some of what they have to offer. Depending on the area you live in as well as the features and size you are looking for, the price per month can vary.

Sandlin shares their average pricing for several different locations in the U.S.

The numbers

A basic unit on the first floor, with no drive up access or climate control:

  • 5 X 10 unit: $68 per month

A first floor unit with drive up access, but no climate control:

  • 5 X 10 unit: $60 per month
  • 10 X 10 unit: $95 per month
  • 10 X 20 unit: $145 per month

A first floor climate controlled unit, but without drive up access:

  • 5 X 10 unit: $72 per month
  • 10 X 10 unit: $118 per month
  • 10 X 20 unit: $190 per month

The takeaway? Features matter.

“The price is also a few dollars less if you don’t mind your storage unit being on a 2nd or 3rd floor, rather than on the first floor…if you’re looking for a smaller unit the difference in price between climate controlled and non-climate controlled is only a few dollars so in my opinion it’s definitely worth the extra few dollars to keep your stuff dry and cool,” says Sandlin.

Sandlin tells us that if you’re looking for a larger unit, say a 10×20, the difference between climate control and non-climate control does jump quite a bit so carefully consider your options.

“In those cases I recommend clients plan exactly what they’ll be storing to decide if they need climate controlled or not,” says Sandlin.

Thoughts on How to Save the Most Money

Michael Juba does marketing for Lanco Mini Storage and All Time Self Storage. He compared the rates of these two storage centers– along with almost a dozen more– to get a range of prices for the different sizes and features available.

“Most storage places offer climate control units and non-climate control units…the climate controlled units will cost a little more and are usually only necessary depending on what you are storing,” says Juba.

“You will also pay a little extra to get an interior storage spot because of safety reasons while a drive up storage space is generally less expensive.”

He found the most common units generally come in these size variations:

  • 25 square feet: 5×5
  • 50 square feet: 5×10, 10×5
  • 75 square feet: 5×15, 10×7.5, 7.5×10, 5×15
  • 100 square feet: 10×10, 7×15, (105 sq. ft.)
  • 150 square feet: 10×15, 15×10,
  • 200 square feet: 10×20, 20×10
  • 300 square feet: 10×30, 15×20, 20×15

“On average, a 25 sq. ft. unit that is not climate controlled runs about $35-$45. To get climate control at the same size, it is about $45-$60. For 50 square foot units, you can expect to spend about $50-$70 a month, with climate control running about $75 to $85,” says Juba.

After that the price increases a bit more. For 100 sq. ft. it can go up to $120 without climate control, $150 with climate control and you can pay as much as $260 per month if you get the largest unit with all the bells and whistles Sandlin mentions in the list above.

Overall, evaluating what’s most important to you (for example, if you need climate control) will help you prioritize and get the best deal. You can also look at a storage space estimator to get a visual of what may fit in the units. You can find these on most storage business’ websites.

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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