Are Indoor Storage Units For You?

When you’re in need of a storage unit, you may not necessarily think about all the options. Most of the time, you know that you need a certain size unit and would prefer a location that’s convenient to you. Truth is, there are more options available now than there were before and storage units can be as basic or as fancy as you need.

One option to look at is an indoor storage unit, which is a storage unit that can only be accessed from the interior of an enclosed building.

You can find these types of storage services all over the world. Some storage companies offer a few of these in addition to basic units.

Here’s why indoor storage units can be a good option to have.

Safety and Comfort

Tron Jordheim, VP of Marketing at StorageMart says there are definitely some distinct benefits offered with these types of units, starting with climate control.

Indoor storage units are where you’re most likely to find the climate-controlled storage option, which better protects items more susceptible to damage from drastic shifts in the conditions of the atmosphere.  The buildings housing indoor units can usually only be accessed by individuals with keys or door codes, making it more difficult for authorized persons to access the area,” says Jordheim.

But, does one really need to have climate control? Jordheim thinks so. He explains that climate-controlled storage is ideal for things like electronics, art, antiques, wooden furniture, books or anything else that can be negatively impacted by extreme highs or lows in temperature or humidity.


The costs of indoor units can vary depending on the location and size of the unit. Jordheim says costs can be a little more expensive than that of a regular storage unit, and may be estimated by the size per square foot. Most commonly, these units measure around 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’.

Good to Know

Although it may not be a deal-breaker, because these units are located inside a building, one thing that can prove challenging is loading and unloading. Since you’re not able to park directly next to the unit, you may need to plan ahead to have help or a two-wheeled cart available.

Jordheim also adds that there may be fewer options in terms of size of the units compared to outdoor, drive-up storage units.

No matter which unit you choose, considering your options and the benefits of each type of unit will help determine the perfect fit for your needs.



June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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