Why You Need a Moving Expenses List

Creating a moving expenses list can be hard work but it’s absolutely worth it.

Moving already implies you have to think about changes in billing, new service accounts (and deposits for each) etc. Having a list that allows you to estimate these costs can help save you money, plan ahead and make the most of your move.

Moving and Storage Expert, Brian Jamesson from xpressmovers.com, shares a few tips that will surely help when it comes time to create your unique moving expenses list.

Create a Budget

If you have an idea of how much you can spend during your move, write it down. This may not be the exact amount you will spend, but it will help you as you price out what you’ll need.

Jamesson suggests that you find an online moving calculator (relocation companies often offer these) to get a moving estimate.

“You simply have to fill them out (I recommend using at least five), enter as detailed information as possible for your move and you’ll come up with several precise moving estimates,” says Jamesson.

“Now that you know how much can you afford to spend on your move and how much companies actually charge, you can make a decision whether to hire (reputable) movers or to go for a DIY relocation.”

Find Your Services 

Now that you have a budget, you need to contact the services you’ll need in order to make the move work.

Jamesson says to consider the following costs as you work on your moving expenses list:

  • Truck Rental Costs- Make sure you get the right-sized truck to fit all your belongings but don’t pay extra for too much room.
  • Moving Equipment- You’ll need at least a dolly. Moving blankets and tools to assemble or disassemble furniture may also be helpful.
  • Packaging Costs- Boxes, bubble wrap etc. To save some money you can also use newspaper or kraft paper to wrap fragile items and visit grocery stores to get old boxes for free.
  • Helping Hands Costs- Jamesson includes food and drink costs for those friends who may be helping you lift heavy items and load/unload when the big day comes.
  • Gasoline- Whatever you’ll need to spend depending on trips you’ll be making to and from your destination. Consider multiple vehicles.

Be Cautious 

Jamesson points out that you should be careful even if you choose to go with a reputable moving company as there may be hidden costs associated with their services.

“Your agreement with the moving company must contain detailed information of the additional services provided so you can better predict and control your budget. These services usually include, but are not limited to: packing and unpacking services, handling large home appliances and preparing them for the move, disassembling and re-assembling large furniture, temporary storage services,” explains Jamesson.

He recommends looking into purchasing the additional Full Value Protection from your moving company or third-party insurance provider.

“It will add-up to your moving budget, but your items would be much better protected… the basic coverage comes for free but it would hardly cover any sufficient damage or loss, since its coverage rate is only 60 cents per pound per household item,” says Jamesson.

“A final trick – when planning a moving budget, always set up a contingency fund of about 10% of the initial moving budget. Unexpected expenses will most certainly arise at some point of your move and you must be prepared to face them and get out of the situation.”

June Brockmeyer

June Brockmeyer

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