Choosing the Right Moving Box Sizes

For a move that is well organized and provides the greatest protection to your belongings, choosing the right moving box sizes is an important consideration.

Thankfully, you are not dependent upon the random box sizes you might find at your local food market or liquor store. You can buy just the sizes and assortment of moving boxes you need from packing supply stores, moving companies and many self-storage companies. Choosing the right type of moving boxes for the items you are packing will make your move, and especially your unpacking, go much smoother.

Specialty Moving Box Sizes

The first boxes to look for are those which are specifically designed for select belongings. There are a variety of box types and sizes that have developed over the years based on the unique packing needs of certain items.

  1. Wardrobe Boxes

    “Instead of folding and boxing your clothes with their hangers, use a wardrobe box,” is the advice offered by Joe Devost, Move Operations Field Manager for You Move Me. With over 20 years in the business, Joe appreciates anything that saves time and frustration for a move. You can simply grab your clothes off the rack, hang them in the wardrobe box and then easily transfer them to your closet in your new home.

  2. Dish Pack Boxes

    You’ll find a variety of box sizes for packing dishes and glassware. What is unique about these boxes is their construction. They generally have a double outer wall, to provide added protection to the fragile items inside. You can also buy individual foam sleeves and divider kits that help protect these delicate items from movement within the box during transport.

  3. Combining Sizes

    Mike Glanz – Founder & CEO of HireAHelper, LLC offers this solution for larger breakables – like a tall vase. “Take two boxes and create one suitably-sized and easily-packed carton. Simply tape together (a) a dish pack and a 3.0 carton or (b) two 3.0 cartons – one on top of the other, like a clam shell. Place the breakable item within the clam shell and fill it with paper stuffing. Remember to pad the bottom and top of your shell well and pack it so everything inside sits firmly.

Choosing Larger or Smaller Box Sizes

When deciding on moving box sizes for packing your belongings, one of the key things to keep in mind is the weight of the contents going into the box. You always want the boxes to be light enough to carry without over exertion. The heavier the items, the smaller the box size should be.

Books, for instance, are much heavier than most people realize. They should always be packed in smaller, easy to carry boxes. Linens, toys and plastic dishes or containers should be your choices for the largest boxes used in a move. When stacking boxes, keep the weight of the boxes in mind. Put the small heavier boxes on the bottom and the lighter, bigger boxes on top.

A little forethought in choosing your moving boxes can save a lot of frustration and, many times, save you from damaging your goods while in transit.



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